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Complacency Kills Uptime in Virtualized Environments

Risk is relative. For example, studies have shown that wearing seatbelts can reduce highway safety, while more padding on hockey and American football players can increase injuries. It’s called the Peltzman Effect and it describes

More Green Data Center Tips

There is substantial momentum to go green in the data center, both for ecological reasons and for the cost-savings many sustainability initiatives deliver. We compiled some recommendations a few months ago, but there are always

Mitigating the Downtime Risks of Virtualization

Nearly every IT professional dreads unplanned downtime. Depending on which systems are hit, it can mean angry communications from employees and the C-suite and often a Twitterstorm of customer ire. See the recent Samsung SmartThings

The Foggy Future of IoT

Fog computing is not a cloud replacement, but rather an “add-on” that provides short-term data consolidation and analytics before the cloud takes over for the resource-intensive stuff.

How to Select IT Racks and Enclosures – Part 3

Once you have your networking cabinet or rack installed, don’t overlook basic maintenance tasks, such as inspecting and replacing surge protection equipment. To keep equipment operating at peak performance, it’s essential to have an established maintenance program, including employee-training and task-tracking components, as well as a reliable partner for spare parts and engineering expertise.

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