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Is BYOD Secure? IT Can Make It (More) So

This doesn’t make security less important, just more complicated. From regulatory requirements to lawsuits in the wake of unauthorized data release, there are myriad reasons to attend to the security of information and networks accessed via various personal devices. That means looking at the vulnerabilities and the methods organizations are using to reduce risk.

Network Traffic Trends and the Evolution of WAN into SD-WAN

Not all traffic is growing. SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) declined from 4.7% to 2.1% of traffic. Microsoft has been pushing Office 365 and the strategy appears to be working. CIFS (common internet file system)—a Microsoft file-sharing protocol—was in the top spot for traffic in 2015 but dropped to third place just two years later.

With DCaaS Evolution, Colocation is about More than New Capacity

Whereas colocation was primarily sold as an answer to capacity problems—when expansion of an on-premises data center was not practical for real estate, technology, cost, or timing reasons—DCaaS has attracted businesses of all sizes for a wide variety of strategic purposes. IT leaders stuck on the horns of a dilemma, between public cloud and on-premises data centers, may find a lot to like in DCaaS.

Finding Cost-Savings with a Flexible Approach to Flash

If flash technology winds up close to hard disk performance, it knocks the attractiveness of SSD storage down a notch. Admittedly, even modest improvements in speed alongside the other features of SSDs often make them the best choice—and if the cost is similar, as it increasingly is, we’d typically go with flash—but there are reasons to question its ubiquity.

Possible Meltdown in US-EU Cooperation on GDPR?

The second annual review is coming up, and members of the European Parliament aren’t happy. On July 5, they voted to suspend the Privacy Shield deal, citing areas where the U.S. hasn’t met its commitments. We probably have revelations like Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal to thank for ramping up concern.

A Dog Day for Amazon. Lessons for the Rest of Us.

With such a high-profile outage, conspiracy theories were inevitable. Some suspected hackers, internal sabotage, or apocalypse. Amazon did have some labor issues, as workers in a couple countries scheduled their strikes to coincide with Prime Day. But these issues weren’t the cause of the outages.

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