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Will the U.S. Nationalize 5G?

It doesn’t take a Hollywood-caliber imagination to foster some scary head movies about the “what if” scenarios. The fact that at least one National Security Council member was concerned enough to talk about taking over 5G or creating a government-run version shouldn’t be surprising.

It’s a Quadruple Lutz for 5G

If there is any refrain in the advance press about 5G, going back to at least 2016, it’s that 5G isn’t just about speed. Of course, being fast is still part of the equation. The network is expected to deliver 100x the bandwidth of 4G LTE service. Maybe you’ve heard the bit about downloading a feature-length film in about 5 seconds?

CIOs Feel the Need for Speed

Unexpected repairs can derail otherwise great planning, consuming time and resources already in short supply. One option offloading such “keeping the lights on” functions: outsourcing.

2018 Will Bring More Predictive Maintenance to IT Assets

It’s fun to imagine a future in which dexterous robots replace drives at the earliest sign of failure, based on analysis of information provided by zillions of sensors strategically placed around the data center. But this level of automation is still a ways off.

Will the Cloud Remain Cautious?

Although few businesses expect to ever move cloud apps back to the data center, reservations about the cloud mean they aren’t rushing everything off-premises, either.

Data Explosion to Continue in 2018; How to Manage More than Ever Before

Premier companies offer highly personalized service. Clients can easily access experts for help in maximizing uptime, ensuring data integrity, optimizing backup processes, giving older equipment new life, and charting an affordable upgrade pathway, while saving money all at the same time.

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