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Drew Teller May 13, 2015

It’s been a tough search for a qualified EMC Centera maintenance provider. Few reputable companies offer support contracts on this end-of-life series. A Google search returns mostly data-migration consultants, leading many CIOs and IT directors to assume that there is no alternative to upgrading the Centera.

Park Place Technologies recognizes the importance of this storage system to many clients, as well as the barriers EMC erected to make it difficult to move data from Centera to competing systems. For these reasons, we are proud to announce our new EMC Centera support offering, which will join Park Place’s comprehensive selection of Dell EMC post-warranty maintenance services.

Like its third party data center maintenance counterparts at Park place, our EMC Centera maintenance programs will incorporate:

  • Comprehensive hardware and O/S We pride ourselves on being a full-service provider. Our 100% component coverage and hardware break/fix service is paired with all the assistance you may need with Centera O/S and software issues.
  • Certified spare parts with on-site installation. When hardware failure is the issue, Park Place responds with fast, on-site engineering assistance. Clients can select SLAs appropriate to their Centera system(s), and we respond within these timeframes—guaranteed. Spare parts are maintained on site for mission critical systems and in strategically located depots nearby for other service levels. Either way, you’ll quickly have the Centera back at peak performance.
  • Immediate access to Level 3 support with no escalation procedure. Even though the Centera usually houses archival data, there’s still no reason to wade through an escalation procedure to reach personnel who can address the problem you are facing. The wait for a response may not have significant business ramifications, but it’s still a waste of staff time. That’s why Park Place has done away with this bureaucracy. All of our support lines are answered by Level 3 engineers, so clients get the answers they need right away.
  • A highly trained, local EMC engineer assigned to the account. Continuity is another Park Place advantage. As soon as you sign with us, we select a local, Level 3 engineer with the right skill set for your equipment and assign this individual to the account. Whenever you need help in your environment, “your” engineer responds.
  • Personalized, proactive service that drives value. With Park Place, engineers don’t merely respond to trouble calls. They work proactively with the client, from an initial systems analysis through quarterly reviews of trouble calls. Because we give clients four hours to four days of engineering time to address non-break/fix issues, you can rest assured that Park Place will be available to help with a full range of maintenance tasks, large and small.

Browse our EMC end of life library for upcoming hardware dates, or contact us to learn more about our data storage maintenance services today.


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