Beyond Upgrade: Options for VMAX Systems and EMC VMAX Maintenance

EMC Maintenance

Drew Teller September 23, 2014

The announcement of VMAX3 details has many people talking, and other people wondering about the fate their original or second-generation VMAX systems and about their long-term EMC VMAX maintenance options.

The fact is, there’s a lot of life left in the VMAX 10K, 20K, and 40Ks out there, and the enhanced features of VMAX3 are not paired with much more capacity. A replacement alone will not help most organizations keep up with data volume growth, so we predict plenty of older systems staying in service for quite a while.

If you are already a happy VMAX owner—who may or may not be adding some VMAX3’s in the near future—what should you consider right now to improve your position with regards to your existing equipment?


Expand capacity.
First off, if you’re outgrowing your capacity but not the VMAX capabilities, adding drives is often the best option, if you’re not already maxed out. We can help.


  • Look into add-ons.
    Some outfits are releasing equipment to boost energy efficiency and deliver flexible workload connectivity of EMC VMAX and VNX systems, and this can make your existing hardware even more appealing and functional.
  • Seek alternative maintenance.
    One of the main reasons customers cite for upgrading hardware is, surprisingly, the cost of maintenance—especially EMC VMAX maintenance contracts. Fortunately, EMC isn’t the only player in the game, so this problem has an easy solution, too.

Third Party Maintenance Slashes Costs

As we often mention on this blog, EMC and other OEMs are known for artificially increasing maintenance contract costs to make new hardware purchases (with their accompanying warranty support) look more attractive. It’s not lipstick-on-swine time with the VMAX3, which admittedly is tempting in its own right, but it doesn’t make the financial outlay the smart decision in every case.

Although the “pricey support” tactic used to work to keep customers in line with OEMs’ product refresh timelines, constricting IT budgets and the growth of premier third party maintenance companies have changed the picture.

Now, EMC VMAX maintenance is available from companies like Park Place Technologies. It includes all the features of EMC maintenance, but it typically costs 40% to 70% less. It’s tough to argue with those types of savings every year for as long as you own the equipment.

Quality Goes Up, Too

No matter what the cost differential, many customers demand EMC maintenance because they think they’re getting higher quality. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. EMC support is no longer the best in the business, so IT leaders looking for comprehensive coverage, talented and experienced engineers, immediate access to Level 3 support with no escalation procedure, and truly personalized service that helps keep systems up, improves performance, and minimizes internal resource allocation—well, for all those things, people are going elsewhere.

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