Central Park Customer Portal Adds New Dashboard and Data Features

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Anthony Mastri September 27, 2022

Central Park, the Park Place Technologies customer portal that provides real-time insight into data center management, maintenance, and monitoring, has added several Modern Data Architecture (MDA) features.

The innovative, single pane of glass tool, which offers 24/7 live chat with easy escalation to a Park Place Support Team member; an easy-to-read dashboard of key metrics; service ticket, contract, and asset management; and the ability to designate multiple customer administrators, now incorporates these MDA features:

  • Live incident monitoring: Keep track of your incident-resolution process in real time. Eliminate uncertainty and never be in the dark when you need insight and communication from Park Place.
  • Self-serve, on-demand info: No emails, waiting on the phone or delays; Central Park allows you to instantly access information on your assets, contract, and incident ticket history.
  • Real-time view of supported assets: Not sure what severs you have in Boston, Singapore or San Francisco? Central Park offers a real-time window into your entire networking infrastructure, so you always know what you have, what’s working, and what needs attention.
  • Incident Breakdown by OEM: What efficiency and quality are you getting from your OEM equipment? Do your Cisco servers perform better than your IBMs? With Central Park, you can separate incident tickets by OEM, to see which equipment is serving you well, and which might need more help from Park Place.
  • Dashboard tells story through data: Central Park’s dashboard allows you to organize and analyze your data. Dashboard overview includes the number of tickets currently open, the number opened in the last week and the number closed in the last week. There’s also a feed of the most recent tickets so that you can quickly check on the status. You also have easy access to the Ticket, Asset and Contract Hubs. User Hub allows you to add new Customer Administrators and Users based on desired access levels. Central Park FAQs can be found under Support Hub.
  • Assets and locations drilldown: With Central Park, you can view all assets currently under contract; view all serialized components currently under contract; sort and filter data as desired; export data into Excel; and perform many more tasks.

All of this data and control gives you the freedom to set your own schedule for review and reporting. While Park Place takes pride in its Quarterly Business Review process, Central Park allows you to harvest that data and information on-demand, when you need it.

Central Park allows deep-dive access to your incident tickets, assets and contract details. Park Place clients with ParkView Hardware Monitoring benefit from auto-notifications of the Park Place Support team to verify agent connection.

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