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Parker March 14, 2017

A NetApp FAS Storage Guide


There is no doubt that NetApp makes a popular product. They have long fought for the storage market share, and even in these trying times, have been beating earnings expectations.

Many customers have installed generation after generation of NetApp FAS products. What makes these FAS systems—fabric attached storage systems—such a “go to” for many enterprises?

  • Multi-functional. What could be better than a system that can serve as a storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) device, and one that can use nearly any file protocol, including block-based FC and FCoE? These are no longer rare characteristics, but they certainly propelled NetApp to a leadership position.
  • Consistent OS. ONTAP has unified the NetApp line-up, although the introduction of clustering led to a decision fork in the storage road. A consistent operating environment is a key advantage for configuration, monitoring, and so on.
  • Feature rich. NetApp has fought to stay ahead of the feature curve with its FAS systems, with recent additions of all-flash FAS arrays and new cloud capabilities.
  • The company wins awards for quality and reliability. When enterprises shell out for high-end storage, they want to see that investment pay off. With NetApp, it usually does.

Support That’s a Match for NetApp Hardware

NetApp equipment deserves a support contract of equal quality. Surprisingly, that doesn’t come from NetApp—it comes from the third party maintenance community.

Park Place Technologies offers multi-vendor support solutions that cover NetApp and other OEMs’ equipment, ending the day of separate contracts for each brand of equipment in the environment. That means clients have only one process to follow to get access to our expert immediate-escalation service, which saves time and headaches compared with NetApp support.

Our contracts also include the full array of storage maintenance features clients need to keep filers operating at peak performance, including:

  • NetApp-level engineering expertise
  • Basic and Enhanced Application support
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Immediate access to technical support
  • On-site assistance available within mission critical SLAs, anywhere in the world
  • Rapid-access spare parts with installation

How about quality and reliability? We believe that our 96% customer satisfaction rating attests to our ability to deliver truly top-notch support. That we save customers up to 60% off a NetApp contract at the same time—it’s icing on the maintenance cake.

Clearly, Park Place is the answer for affordable, high-performance support for NetApp equipment. Find out more about contract and pricing options. Or to jump in with a free quote to start a conversation about your specific needs, contact us today!


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