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Case Allin March 13, 2020

Throughout digital transformation, the focus of technology has become progressively personal. In society, we build technology to increase our sustainability, to connect us, and to solve our problems. When you put a device in a person’s hands, that device becomes an extension of that individual. In the age of smartphones, we grow accustomed to the customizability of our technology. We enjoy this customization in the form of app organization and folder organization. Everything is structured and organized right where we want it. This custom organization saves the user time and energy when looking for the information they want. So with all of the customizability options among devices, why hasn’t this trend made its way to the solutions sector? Gathering data should not be this complicated.

At Entuity we recognized that we could not predict how you want to view your data. However, we wanted to make it as customizable and flexible as possible. Out-of-the-box we offer dynamic dashboards allowing users to customize the data they see and where they see it. Dynamic dashboards are flexible and context-specific, so that users can see data types appropriate to the part of the network that they are looking at. In ENA, a user can create custom dashboards that are either static or dynamic, allowing them to customize the data they see and where they see it. Dynamic dashboards are part of the flexibility and customizability of the overall ENA package. ENA allows the IT professional to have complete control over the display of their network data. With role-based access control, IT professionals can fully customize their user and client privileges. Users can then fully customize the presentation of their data to fit their way of working, whether it be a laptop, mobile device or in the NOC.

The Psychology of Personalized Experiences

A study conducted by the University of Texas argued that humans attribute our preference for personalized experiences to two key factors. One is “the desire for control and the other being information overload” [1]. Having an item personalized gives an individual the feeling that they are in control. The user does not feel like they are not being overloaded with information when something is personalized.

When a network engineer can customize the data they are seeing, they have a feeling of control over the data they are seeing. This customizable data also doesn’t make the user feel overloaded with information. It also allows them to find the information they need to know quickly because it is displayed in a way that makes sense to them. Simply because this is the information they desire to see, without missing information or too much information.

What Does Customization Mean for Productivity?

This customization accelerates the monitoring process. ENA’s Dynamic Dashboard enhances network monitoring by allowing users to have one dynamic dashboard doing the work of hundreds of traditional dashboards. What used to take days or weeks now only take a few minutes. Therefore productivity is increased when users can access the data built the way they need to see it.

Customizable Dashboards for MSPs

This blog has already discussed the psychological impact of customizable software, but there are other positive effects it has on the industry as a whole, particularly for managed service providers. These MSPs have hundreds of clients each with specific needs for monitoring their network. Customizable dashboards allow MSPs to create reports with the insights their clients want to see, without putting in time and effort into custom reports. Adding customizable features is a way to attract customers in this era of digital technology. Managed service providers often have a variety of different networks to monitor. Allowing them to customize how they see their enormous amounts of data saves them time and energy.

Customizability Triggers Intelligence

The essence of customizability brings a sense of intelligence. It is the basic consistency of the human ego. Customizable means you, who wouldn’t want to use a software tailored specifically to you? ENA’s Dynamic Dashboards give users the ability to customize their network insights to make smarter, data-driven network decisions. They bring clarity and focus to the insights that matter by providing data into your most essential metrics. So in essence, a customized dashboard is smarter than a generic one.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity