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Paul Mercina December 16, 2020

Automated asset discovery puts complex digital infrastructure on the map—the dependency map

There’s something exciting about a New Year, perhaps more than ever as we put 2020 behind us. While enjoying some downtime over the holidays, many of us will consider new apps to better organize our lives and support healthful habits.

If you look to technology for a fresh start, don’t forget to research professional tools, too. The right solutions at work can make the coming year easier to manage, reducing the number of time-sink administrative tasks you face so you can spend more time on the strategic projects that excite you.

For IT pros involved in digital infrastructure management, one of the most frustrating routines can be asset inventory. If you upgrade a server, you have to note the details, such as product identifier and other life cycle information  within your system of record, whatever that may be i.e. spreadsheet or other internal method.  Rework a part of the network, same deal. Add a remote location, some peripherals, or employee workstations, more tracking.

Well, that’s how it always was, but it’s not how the future must be. You can make 2021 the year you put this burdensome manual process behind you with an automated asset discovery solution.

Rapid Evolution Demands Automated Discovery

Discovery solutions have grown increasingly important as digital infrastructure becomes more complex and business demands spark continual change. Manually documenting IT assets simply doesn’t work anymore, for many reasons:

  • Organizations rely on more than just data center hardware. They now have physical, virtual, and cloud assets to worry about.
  • The pace of infrastructure evolution is too fast for a painstaking process every time a data center server is upgraded, a virtual machine is configured, or a cloud service is added to the mix.
  • Business shifts, such as mergers and acquisitions, further complicate asset documentation by combining already complex and disparate infrastructure under a single umbrella.
  • A remote workforce—which was a sudden introduction for many organizations in 2020—has added large volumes of new asset locations.

Organizations need to have a complete, accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of their entire digital infrastructure, and only automated discovery tools can provide it.

ParkView Discovery is the Answer

Park Place Technologies responded to customer demand for automated asset discovery with ParkView Discovery, our suite of infrastructure discovery tools. Like our first ParkView system—our proactive data center hardware monitoring and event ticking solution—ParkView Discovery takes an existing concept to a new level of sophistication.

ParkView Discovery simplifies the asset discovery process by eliminating the need for manual documentation of IT inventory. That alone is a huge time-saver, but ParkView Discovery also accelerates audit preparation (another big undertaking) and catalogues serial number and lifecycle information so there’s no more searching for product details.

What really impresses clients, however, is the real-time visibility they gain—of every single asset. Whether a longstanding part of the environment or a recent addition, on site in a data center or sited in a remote or cloud location, ParkView Discovery identifies the asset and immediately generates an online system of record, asset reports, and topology  mapping  ParkView Discovery can also reduce cost and improve efficiency by integrating with existing ITSM and other tools and systems that you already own.

And nothing is left out because ParkView Discovery works with:

  • Servers, including physical, virtual, and cloud servers
  • Desktops
  • Peripherals
  • Edge devices
  • And more!

Configuration is quick and easy and Park Place supports you the entire way, so there’s no need to worry.

Discover More

Do you have an underperforming discovery solution that’s ready for retirement or lacking in functionality ? Or are you totally new to the discovery portion of the DMSO service category (that’s Discovery, Monitoring, Support, and Optimization)? Either way, you can benefit from our ParkView webinar, which has details to help you evaluate this product against any others you may be considering.

Or better yet, request a 30-day trial on us! (Scroll down on that page for access.) That way, you’ll get a firsthand look at how ParkView can increase asset visibility, boost productivity, improve management, and streamline reporting.

You can’t maintain it if you don’t know it’s there. That’s why Uptime starts with discovery. We’re willing to bet that once you experience the difference, you’ll never want to give ParkView Discovery up!

About the Author

Paul Mercina, Director, Product Management Marketing
Paul Mercina brings over 20 years of experience in IT center project management to Park Place Technologies, where he oversees the product roadmap, growing the services portfolio, end-to-end development and release of new services to the market. His work is informed by 10+ years at Diebold Nixdorf, where he worked closely with software development teams to introduce new service design, supporting implementation of direct operations in a number of countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe.