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Parker Published: February 09, 2016

Park Place Technologies now offers EMC Data Domain maintenance service. Affordable contracts are available for equipment at all stages of the product lifecycle.

As the OEM is discontinuing support on a wide range of models over the next few years, our post-EOSL solution is being welcomed by customers who would like to keep older systems in service. But don’t count us out as an option for newer Data Domain hardware. Park Place has a few hard-to-find features that are driving savings and value for even recently introduced Data Domain gear.

Post-EOSL Data Domain Maintenance

A popular alternative to Avamar—another backup solution brought under the EMC umbrella—Data Domain technology is known as for its simple installation. Although resulting in greater network traffic than Avamar, early Data Domain systems were much easier to combine with tape backup for IT organizations not comfortable with proceeding to tapeless operations. Often used as a data center solution, especially for small to mid-sized enterprises, Data Domain was also broadly installed in remote offices for regular, local backups.

Sturdy, proven backup appliances are excellent candidates for a long lifespan, which is why upcoming EOSL dates are a disappointment to many IT pros. Customers should be aware of the forthcoming end of OEM service for the following systems:

The upside is that Data Domain hardware nearing EOSL provides an opportunity to try third party support. And we bet you’ll like it. A company like Park Place Technologies can help you:

  • Maximize hardware ROI. Getting a full life from a Data Domain system makes good dollars and sense. In fact, every year of added hardware life is worth $700 for every $1,000 in original purchase price. And an Park Place contract that keeps the system operating at peak performance doesn’t cost a lot, so most of those savings go directly to the bottom line.
  • Reallocate staff time. Your Data Domain system is already integrated, and your team already understands how to work with it day to day. So why add more to their “to do” lists by bringing in new hardware? By putting off installation, data migration, training, and other tasks, you can keep staff focused on what matters most to the business.
  • Minimize downtime. Park Place understands that older systems are more likely to face component failure. Our comprehensive solution, however, makes using a 2011 or earlier Data Domain product worry-free. We incorporate 24/7 remote monitoring, quick and accurate telephone and online support, and certified spare parts installed within client-selected SLAs. Along with proactive maintenance measures, these standard contract features help ensure your backup appliance is always ready.

Pre-EOSL Service Advantages

Next on the EOSL list are the DD640, DD670, DD860, and DD890 with support ending in March 31, 2019. No end of support has been set for systems released in 2012 and beyond. Some data center and IT managers might consider this a reprieve of four or more years before alternative maintenance need be considered. Despite the lack of deadline pressure, there are numerous reasons to move to third party Data Domain maintenance immediately or soon after the initial EMC contract expires:

  • Cost savings. Park Place’s contracts are priced 40% to 70% below EMC’s, even though we have more standard features and a higher overall level of service. There’s really no reason to spend the extra money on the EMC brand name.
  • No escalation procedure. One of the most hated aspects of IT support is wait times. IT professionals despise filing trouble tickets and waiting around for a response—or worse, having to explain the problem over and over again to lower level staff before being passed up to someone who can actually help. Park Place did away with these frustrations with escalation process-free telephone and online support. No matter what your problem, no matter what the severity level EMC would assign, you get the help you need from a Level 3 engineer right away.
  • Premium quality for all. Customers that want on-site spare parts installation, software support, and other important features need to go with expensive, premium-level support from EMC. With Park Place , every client gets comprehensive service that beats EMC’s premium contracts. See here for a complete run-down of our standard inclusions.
  • Important extras. In Touch also includes numerous benefits EMC doesn’t offer. From an up-front systems analysis conducted at the client site to hours of engineering time allocated every year for proactive and non-break/fix tasks, we are fully engaged in improving performance, enhancing processes, and answering every question a client may have.

So there you have it. Alternative Data Domain maintenance offers advantages for post-EOSL systems, as well as those under or newly out of warranty. In fact, adding up all of the features of an Park Place results in some impressive bottom-line results. To find out more.

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