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Drew Teller December 23, 2015

Year after year, Data Doman performance and features increase. EMC just announced its latest traditional backup appliance, the DD9500 powered by DDOS5.6 software, which delivers 58.7 TB/hour performance and 1,728 TB of usable space. But older Data Domain systems continue to serve IT organizations well. Consider the DD600 series, which can handle replication from up to 90 remote sites with 99% bandwidth efficiency and achieves an average of 10X to 30X data reduction. Still a nice piece of kit to have on hand, as long as spare parts, engineering assistance, and extra help are available.

Now they are, from Park Place Technologies. We have introduced a high-quality, long-term support program to match the value of the EMC Data Domain product line. Our Data Domain support builds on our already world-class EMC maintenance capabilities. As part of our standard contract on Data Domain equipment, we will supply:

  • Complete hardware, software, and firmware support, including online and telephone support;
  • 24/7 remote monitoring with daily diagnostics;
  • A highly trained, experienced, Level 3 engineer assigned to the account;
  • Immediate access to Level 3 support engineers with no escalation procedure;
  • 100% component coverage, including on-site spare parts for critical equipment and certified spare parts in nearby depots for everything on contract;
  • Up to four days of engineering time to assist with functions outside of typical break/fix issues;
  • Online portal to open trouble tickets, view assets, determine support status, etc.;
  • Initial systems analysis, quarterly account and trouble-call review meetings, and one-call service;
  • Global support available with no EOSL, ever.

Surprisingly, all of these features are available for a cost that is 40% to 70% below EMC’s support prices. If you have a later DD600, DD800, or DD900 series appliance, your budget will be better off with Park Place. And with our One Contract / One Contact program, even the newest equipment, like the DD9500 mentioned above, can benefit from OEM warranty coverage and Park Place’s value-added service. In these cases, we field the trouble call, organize the OEM response, and backfill for whatever EMC won’t cover. It’s the perfect, all-inclusive support solution for your backup hardware.

Want to see how Park Place has your back financially and operationally? You can contact us here.

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