END OF SUPPORT ALERT: Seek Alternative StorageTek Maintenance for Sun STK 9990V

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Parker Published: March 02, 2016

Planning for 2016 is upon us, and StorageTek maintenance must be on the list for any STK 9990V owner. Oracle stopped selling the enterprise-class disk array in 2011. Now end of support will arrive September 30, 2016.

For many IT organizations, the StorageTek 9990V—with up to 247 PB of virtualized storage and up to 1,134.5 TB of internal capacity—continues to have a role to play. It may not be the newest or the flashiest storage solution on the market. But in the battle against exponential data volume growth, every petabyte counts.

Keep those bytes in service by finding an alternative StorageTek maintenance arrangement today. If you do…

The Sun StorageTek Will Come Out Tomorrow

Sun released the STK9990V concurrent with partner Hitachi Data Systems back in 2007. Even as Oracle steps away from support, third party maintenance providers—including best-in-class Park Place Technologies—will make sure this system performs as well on October 1 and beyond as it has for its entire life.

Good news for IT organizations that have stuck with Oracle support all this time—the transition will not only be seamless, it will come with a significant improvements in:

  • Park Place Technologies slashes 40% to 70% off Oracle’s StorageTek maintenance contract prices, making the security of ongoing support highly affordable.
  • Oracle was less than enthusiastic (ahem) about the Sun equipment it acquired in 2010, and support quality reflected that fact. Park Place, on the other hand, is fully committed. We offer each client personalized, highly responsive support, including escalation-free access to Level 3 engineer and a local, Level 3 account engineer.
  • Our full-service contracts lack the limits some other providers impose. We include 100% component coverage, certified spare parts, and on-site installation, as any good hardware maintenance provider will. But we also help with associated software and firmware issues. And with the extra engineering time every contract includes for non-break/fix issues, proactive maintenance and other requests are taken care of.
  • The results of this quality of service are impressive, among them less downtime and longer hardware life.

The bottom line. The StorageTek 9990V may be losing Oracle support, but it’s not the end of the story for this storage system. Simply contact Park Place Technologies to get started on the next phase of its life.

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