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Paul Mercina November 07, 2019

Without their layered applications, NetApp systems will not work properly, so issues can result in outages and even data loss

Layered application support is one of the fine points of a NetApp maintenance contract. We find many NetApp customers are confused about the topic, so here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is layered application support?

A layered application is similar to an operating system and will deliver key functionality for a NetApp storage product. SnapDrive is an example.

Why do I need layered application support?

Without their layered applications, NetApp systems will not work properly, so issues can result in outages and even data loss. Layered application support is helpful in sustaining hardware functionality.

Is there a difference between OEM and TPM here?

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) owns any new patches and updates, so third party maintenance providers (TPMs) cannot typically supply them to customers, although we can connect clients with authorized resellers. TPMs can help clients configure and operate layered applications and restore systems to the most recent installed versions, which is usually sufficient.

What services should I be looking for?

Common elements of NetApp layered application support include:

  • CIFS setup and share creation
  • Aggregate/volume creation and deletion
  • Cluster takeover/giveback
  • Use of NDMP services
  • VIF configuration
  • NFS setup and share creation
  • Snapshot creation
  • Network interface configuration
  • Set/update time zone information

Are there additional options worth considering?

Park Place Technologies offers enhanced layered application support packages to cover the following:

  • LUN creation, mapping, expansion and cloning
  • CIFS, NDMP, VIF, NFS, Cluster and Network troubleshooting
  • Forgotten password reset
  • Initial Filer setup
  • Snapshot, management and access
  • SnapDrive, SnapManager, SnapMirror and SnapVault use/troubleshooting
  • Update of Filer configuration
  • Vfiler operations/troubleshooting

Where can I go for more information?

You can start with our extended blog on the topic. But if you’re really in the market for top-performing NetApp maintenance support, it may be time to talk with an expert. Get started by requesting a quote below.


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