Myths and Facts about Third Party EMC VMAX Support

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Drew Teller December 22, 2014

You’ve heard it almost as often as you’ve heard the Geico tagline—alternative EMC VMAX support can save you 40% to 70% on your annual contract costs. And just as you haven’t called to get a quote from Geico, you haven’t talked to any third party maintenance providers to find out what they can offer you.

What’s holding you back? Make sure it’s not some common myths about the industry. Things like:

Myth #1: Third party maintenance is only for end-of-service-life equipment.

This impression arose years ago when there were admittedly few top quality third party maintenance providers in the market. In those days, the only people moving away from EMC and other OEM support were those with budgets so tight they simply had no other option, and those with equipment old enough the OEM had declared it end-of-support-life (EOSL).

Since the early days, however, a host of new, more diverse providers have entered the market. Many of these companies offer comprehensive support contracts that include all the features of EMC’s basic, enhanced, and even premium level support. And a few offer benefits that reach far beyond those EMC provides.

These EMC-comparable and better-than-EMC contracts have made third party maintenance an attractive option for equipment of any vintage, warranty, or support status. Whether you have an original EMC VMAX, a VMAX2, or other hardware, third party maintenance is an option.

Myth #2: Non-OEM support is risky.

This misconception derives from a few “bargain basement” providers with capabilities limited to spare parts depots and some basic telephone support. Customers who didn’t fully research their third party maintenance partner have gotten burned when complex problems cropped up and stumped their EMC VMAX support provider.

But that doesn’t need to happen.

A few less reputable companies should not tarnish the reputation of an entire industry that is transforming IT support. Not only are third party maintenance companies matching EMC—offering certified spare parts, reliable telephone support, fast on-site assistance, and more—many are going even further. At Park Place, for example, we make EMC VMAX support more personalized, responsive, and proactive with things like on-site systems analyses, a local engineer assigned to the account, quarterly check-ins, and no escalation procedure to reach Level 3 support.

In reality, greater risk comes from not engaging such an effective support company.

Myth #3: You can’t get deep EMC expertise from a third party.

Again false. The best third party maintenance providers invest in engineering talent and ensure that their personnel stay at the top of their field. The national and global providers are like brain trusts of EMC know-how. And in many cases, their experts are more accessible than EMC’s.

At Park Place, the first person you speak to when you call for support will be a Level 3 engineer. At EMC, you’ll be lucky if you can gain access to such an individual after hours of waiting. If you need on-site help, a Level 3 engineer will appear quickly to implement a solution and answer all of your questions.

Oh, and if you want assistance with an issue that isn’t break/fix, well, you can get that, too. At no extra charge. Because we include four hours to four days of engineering time in every contract to address precisely this common but frequently unmet need.

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