Notice to Dell EMC Data Domain Customers

EMC Maintenance

It’s last call from the OEM


Customers with Data Domain storage systems in their data centers or other environments should be aware that several products are losing Dell EMC support options. June 30, 2017 marked the final expiration of all contracts OEM storage maintenance contracts on the following equipment:

  • Data Domain DD140
  • Data Domain DD610
  • Data Domain DD630
  • Data Domain ES20

The Celerra NX4 also joins these Data Domain products in reaching end of support life.

Customers must make a determination now about the future of this EMC equipment. Here’s a brief look at the options.

Upgrade Now?

The first Dell EMC World—so called because it’s the first since Dell acquired EMC—is on. There are loads of new products on offer, which could offer migration pathways for. Data Domain equipment. In fact the company is promising new products in the line with greater capacity, faster speeds, and the ability to extend to the cloud.

For organizations with a need for new features and the budget to afford the latest, an immediate upgrade could be in order.

Support Data Domain Internally

Organizations without the budget to buy new, or even slightly used, storage hardware may be tempted to support their Data Domain equipment using only internal staff. It’s an understandable instinct, as existing systems administrators are already part of the overhead.

There are potential problems, however. The first is spare parts. As systems age, components become more likely to fail. If spares can be obtained at the first sign of a problem—even before it leads to a failure—operational risk isn’t much of an issue. But if they’re not, angry emails from employees not able to access needed data may soon erupt. Managing spare parts stocks in house is a pain and can be costly.

The other major consideration is expertise. What will the organization do if they experience a problem that stumps the internal engineers?

Engage a Third-Party Maintenance Provider

A third party maintenance provider can be the answer to the DIY support problems. Park Place Technologies maintains high-quality spare parts in over 100 strategically located depots around the globe, and they can arrive on your site with an experienced field engineer in almost no time at all.

We are also experts in EMC’s products, including the Data Domain suite. And because we give clients immediate escalation to Level 3 support, they get the informed answers and assistance right away—before the irate emails start coming in.

The best part is that this responsive service is available at about 60% off what Dell EMC charges for a support contract. That puts it in the right ballpark for older, end of life equipment, enabling IT organizations to squeeze more lifespan, value, and ROI from their storage systems.

Interested, but not the only person involved in the decision about your Data Domain support? Get a summary of this blog’s information in one compelling graphic here. It’s a great resource to help get everyone on the same page regarding post-EOSL options. You may also want to have in hand a free quote on EMC Data Domain support from Park Place.


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