Park Place Evolution Focuses On What Clients Need – And What They Don’t Yet Know They Need

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Jennifer Deutsch January 21, 2022

Remember how exciting it was the first time you explored the movie menu on Netflix? There were old favorites, unseen films that would become favorites, and a focus on catering to your specific entertainment needs.

But what if Netflix had stayed static, never adding new movies, never taking creative chances on original series such as “Stranger Things” and “The Crown,” and no longer recommending programs based on your preferences? How long would you subscribe to a service that never evolves or innovates as you grow?

The Park Place Technologies story is one of constant innovation and evolution. As data centers have grown in complexity and geographic reach, our portfolio of offerings has evolved to meet – and anticipate – customer needs.

Park Place Technologies was founded in 1991 to focus on third-party maintenance (TPM) and break-fix needs. Within 25 years, our Cleveland, Ohio-based company grew to be the world’s largest provider of TPM, with global reach, an industry-leading parts supply process, and field engineers who forged lasting relationships with clients in all industry verticals.

As our global client base grew, we listened to our individual customers, and learned that they had many other IT challenges we could help them with – so we started to grow our portfolio of services and products. That innovation started with ParkView Hardware Monitoring and was followed with the acquisition of Entuity (network performance monitoring software) and the expansion of our managed services offering (server management, network management) … and soon to include storage management.

Even with that portfolio growth, the needs of Park Place clients did not rest – so neither did we. The November 2020 acquisition of Curvature rounded out our Professional Services offering and added Hardware Sales that have stayed ahead of supply chain issues and OEM parts shortages and delays.

Like Netflix adding original content and constantly expanding its content and customization options, the result of Park Place’s innovation is a robust and unique portfolio including Data Center Hardware Maintenance, Professional Services, Infrastructure Managed Services, Network Performance Monitoring Software and Hardware Sales. This portfolio empowers us to address a wide range of challenges IT customers are facing today, including:

  • Tech supply chain issues – customers can buy preowned or new hardware without a wait; defer a refresh and keep legacy hardware utilizing our TPM services; or buy some time with flexible TPM contracts
  • Skills gaps and hiring challenges – customers can leverage our managed services rather than handling monitoring and management in house; or our professional services to address skills gaps or deal with temporary spikes in work/special projects
  • Budget – we save customers 30-40% on hardware maintenance; 55-90% on preowned or new networking, server and storage equipment; and help them save via tool consolidation with Entuity, an all-in-one network performance monitoring tool

Park Place has evolved into much more than a TPM – we’re now a Data Center and Networking Optimization Firm helping customers optimize their IT budget and bandwidth. We strive to deliver Uptime all the time and simplify IT so that customers have the freedom to think bigger.

We all may occasionally “Netflix and chill,” but Park Place never sits back and rests. We are always innovating to help future-proof our clients — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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About the Author

Jennifer Deutsch, Chief Marketing Officer
As Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer leads Park Place’s marketing and communication teams with a focus on growing the Park Place Technologies brand as the global leader in data center and networking optimization.