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Chris Adams April 04, 2019

At Park Place Technologies, uptime is our business.

Data center managers operating facilities deeply invested in IBM hardware share one key IBM question:

Is there



The short answer, yes!

Big Blue develops some great products and for those familiar with the IBM ecosystem, they are often the most comfortable choice. The company’s mainframe background and decades-long legacy lend themselves toward a pleasantly “no frills” look and an impressive focus on reliability. For many customers, however, IBM support contracts aren’t a great fit.

Cost is one issue leading customers to search out IBM alternatives in the third party maintenance market. Park Place guarantees at least 50% savings when clients switch from an existing IBM support agreement, and it’s enough to have many customers testing the waters with our server and storage maintenance solutions.

For other customers, however, price isn’t the top consideration. The IT spend is always important, of course, but with the astronomical costs associated with even minor downtime incidents—estimated at $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner—companies are willing to invest in preventative measures.

At Park Place Technologies, uptime is our business. We’ve rolled out our smarter version of data center support to thousands upon thousands of customers around the globe—from small and mid-sized businesses with a single server closet, to universities with expansive campuses but slim IT budgets, to multinational corporations demanding the cutting-edge in everything, including support. That means we need to combine affordability with a premium-quality experience. How do we do it?

  • We’re responsive. The hallmark of the Park Place maintenance solution is personalized support. There are no severity level assessments, no wait times to hear back from an engineer, and no fine print limiting coverage to a handful of highly unlikely failure scenarios. We consider ourselves a support partner, and we strive to demonstrate it in every client interaction, by understanding the environment, contributing insights, and running—not walking—when downtime is looming.
  • We’re experts. Park Place Technologies is a Level III-only shop (well, many such shops worldwide), so clients never deal with entry-level help desk personnel or engineers with limited experience working on IBM hardware. Our IBM support solutions are staffed exclusively by IBM support experts with an average of more than a decade in the business.
  • We have the coolest tools. Excuse us while we geek out here, but machine learning is awesome. As a bunch of tech nerds, we knew it could transform the support experience, so we found a way to integrate AI. The result is our ParkView predictive maintenance application. It’s a 24/7 monitoring system that actively learns to identify faults-in-the-making within a specific environment, triages the root cause, and automatically files a detailed trouble ticket within nanoseconds. It’s a whole lot more efficient than the traditional way of doing the support business, removing about 99% of the burden from clients. Oh, and our Central Park self-service platform is pretty neat, too.

These are among the reasons that IBM customers are looking to our support solution as an improvement on IBM’s own. We’re proud to have earned the trust of so many IBM customers, and our faster time-to-resolution and better first-time fix rates are among the ways we show it. Maybe it’s time for you to get on board?

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Chris Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer
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