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Case Allin June 22, 2021

Predictive IT maintenance is like preventative care for mission critical environments

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying encapsulates many trends in U.S. healthcare. After spending decades treating patients only after they become ill, recent years have seen the focus in medicine shift to helping patients stay well, too. Doctors encourage people to make lifestyle changes, actively manage chronic conditions to avoid complications, and undergo regular screenings to catch diseases like cancer at the earliest and most treatable stages.

This mindset has a lot in common with the Park Place Technologies approach to predictive IT maintenance and response. Like primary care physicians, we put high priority on identifying problems at the very first signs. And just like in healthcare, this capability allows us to treat issues promptly and prevent downstream impacts.

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ is Preventative Care

The first in Park Place’s now comprehensive ParkView product line was ParkView Hardware Monitoring™. It was our initial foray into applying predictive technologies to improve our clients’ IT outcomes.

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ represents a simple concept built on a sophisticated machine learning backbone:

  • Watch over the IT environment 24/7 and develop a set of baselines for what is “normal.”
  • “Learn” to spot when current performance metrics, alerts, etc., are out of the ordinary and could indicate a problem.
  • When there is meaningful divergence from baseline, automatically file a trouble ticket activating the support team and include product information, probable cause analysis, spare parts requirements, and other information to facilitate the fix.

Such early diagnosis with ParkView is powerful. Park Place engineers can typically be in touch with clients and arrive on site before a failure affects operations. And because we rapidly implement repairs, we can fend off the wide-ranging domino effect that sometimes occurs when individual systems go down.

We Reduce House Calls, Too

The impact of ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ reaches beyond immediate problem identification and repair. We also help clients reduce “house calls.”

Much like country doctors of yore, field engineers at many companies spend a lot of time going facility to facility to check on IT systems. Not only is this activity costly—quality engineers generally earn six-figure salaries—Covid-19 demonstrated how a reliance on site visits can undermine resilience.

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ is more like telehealth—all the benefits without the in-person visit. Systems are proactively monitored from a distance, so there’s no need for engineers to drop by to see if a server in a closet is throwing up alerts. What’s more, when a problem does arise, the automatic triage and ticketing capabilities built into ParkView Hardware Monitoring ™ immediately activate Park Place support—without your team having to go to the site to initiate the break/fix process. It’s just more human resources saving.

All Support is Mission Critical

There are few industries as mission critical as healthcare. When you’re in the business of saving and improving lives, the availability and reliability of everything from patient monitoring equipment to electronic health records is essential.

Park Place Technologies offers a level of service commensurate with healthcare industry needs and patients’ expectations. Want to learn more? Please visit our Healthcare Hardware Maintenance & Support page for more information.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity