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Case Allin July 21, 2020

Whether you are gearing up to expand your business or simply providing the best end user experience to each employee, ParkView Network Analytics’ is engineered to handle an amazing breadth of capability.

IT organizations who want a better way to manage their network with advanced technology that can keep up with the dynamic nature of today’s IT ecosystems should enter the fast lane with ParkView Network Analytics (PVNA).  From its sophisticated event management that reduces alert noise and its advanced cloud application path monitoring to its smart, intuitive design, along with its incredibly rich analytics you’ll reach new incident resolution speed records!

Customize your network right down to the rally stripes

ParkView Network Analytics’ pedigree comes from an enterprise environment and its comprehensive features will be set up to reflect your unique management needs by solution engineers that are well versed in best practices and how to maximize the product.  This provides a much shorter implementation time.  When the keys are handed over to our network management as a service team, you are immediately ready to hit the racetrack. There’s no need to learn how to set up dashboards or figure out what analytics are key to capture–all the behind the scenes details are handled for you.

Additionally, all of the administrative aspects are off loaded from your responsibility.  The ParkView Team takes care of patch updates, device additions/deletions, view administration, incident forwarding, server management services, etc. eliminating all the tedious administrative tasks that take away valuable time from your day to day IT responsibilities.

Keep your network safe regardless what type of road you’re taking

Whether you are gearing up to expand your business or simply providing the best end user experience to each employee, PVNA is engineered to handle an amazing breadth of capability.  Even today’s “new normal” has made a shift in network management strategies.  Park View Network Analytics provides a clear focus on maintaining VPN performance for end-users working from home, so they remain as productive as if they were in the office.  Dashboards illustrate key VPN metrics such as number of VPN users, Maximum Sessions Supportable, Sessions % of Max and Sessions for Remote Access by device.  PVNA’s proactive monitoring will show where more VPN tunnels are needed to accommodate users guaranteeing everyone can be productive 24/7.

As applications are migrated out to the cloud, it becomes vital that they are monitored for optimum performance. PVNA’s SurePath network path monitoring equips IT teams to understand how applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Oracle Databases, etc. are operating.  It is a real time network path discovery tool that maximizes PVNA’s rich network data by illustrating, monitoring, and alerting on where an application’s traffic is traveling over the network and cloud. SurePath gives businesses deep insight into the network components and paths their applications depend on for outstanding performance.  IT teams gain visibility into cloud /SaaS services to identify, analyze and resolve issues quickly, prioritize vital applications and receive real-time alerts on their behavioral anomalies, understand where excessive latency is impacting performance and much more.

Managing the network today is a lot more than making certain that the lights on.

Seeing the checkered flag is a race well run

A well-built network management service breeds confidence that your network will drive business success.  Accurate data, better visibility, automatic discovery of your network devices, reports, dashboards and much more all contribute to your ability to manage the network, its services, and performance.  Look to ParkView Network Analytics to get you off to a fast start.  To learn more, visit our ParkView Network Analytics page.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity