The Dell/EMC Merger: First Steps

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Parker Published: February 05, 2016

Dell re-introduces EMC VMAX storage solutions to its price list


In October 2015, Dell announced they would be purchasing EMC, and maintaining control over VMWare for $65 billion, making it the largest merger in history. Since then, many questions have been raised by professionals in the IT industry concerning the future of EMC and its subsidiary, VMWare. The Channel Company’s CRN released an exclusive article revealing the first steps Dell has taken with EMC since the merger was first announced nearly 4 months ago. In the article, CRN explains that Dell will begin selling EMC VMAX storage solutions as of February 1, 2016. This is the first time Dell is able to sell VMAX storage since its partner relationship with EMC was dissolved nearly six years ago, and is a significant step to finalizing the merger.

Selling EMC VMAX: What It Means

With Dell adding EMC VMAX back to its price list, Dell is showing that it is actively trying to re-establish its relationship with EMC to get the salesforce working collectively again. One concern CRN raises is whether or not Dell will sell through the channel. If Dell decides against selling through the channel, it may cause a riff in the reseller community, however, that remains to be seen at this point.

This strategic step concerning VMAX solutions should be seen as a positive move. Not only is Dell taking active steps to bring EMC’s and their salesforces together, Dell now has access to the enterprise storage space that it didn’t have since 2010; and for EMC, VMAX storage devices are now more accessible than they ever have been, giving them better market share in the storage device space against competitors, Hitachi, HP, and IBM.

For current VMAX customers, or for IT professionals considering VMAX solutions for the data center, they can rest assured that EMC’s popular storage solution is not only going away, it will become more industry-standard, and will continue to forge ahead into the future to ongoing development efforts.

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