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Parker June 08, 2021

The clock strikes 8 a.m. in London, and Simon fields a dire message from the Admissions staff at the large university he serves. The intake system is down, and scores of students are stuck in a growing queue, unable to register – or pay – for classes.

It’s 3 a.m. in Houston, and Beth gets an urgent call from her IT staff; they need immediate access to an L3 engineer, and every minute counts.

As his business shift closes at 6 p.m. in Singapore, Dasha receives an anxious call from the retail sales floor; the computer system is offline, and cashiers are unable to process credit card payments.

Simon, Beth, and Dasha aren’t facing inconvenience; they are staring at disaster. Customer experience, employee functionality and cash flow are on the line – as are their jobs. It would be understandable if they panicked, or froze, or made a rushed decision that made matters worse.

But Simon has access to more than 1.2 million spare parts, accessible from nearly 2,500 stocking locations. He opens a ticket in his client portal, and through a single pane of glass, he can track responses, and live chat through strategies and solutions.

Beth has a global support and engineering team at her service, 24/7/365. With one phone call, Beth is reassured, given a plan, and knows help is on the way.

And to Dasha’s great relief, an engineer was entering his store’s data center, even as the first alarms were going off on the sales floor.

For Simon, Beth, Dasha, and more than 22,000 clients around the world, there’s only one place for global, data center support: Park Place Technologies.

Park Place Technologies provides exceptional, global, single-partner service and support for data center storage, server, and network hardware for all tier one OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment including but not limited to Dell, EMC, IBM, HPE, Cisco, NetApp, Oracle/SUN, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Brocade, Quantum. Park Place supports 110,000+ data centers in 150+ countries for more than 22,000 clients, so Beth knows an L3 engineer is always, always available. Our worldwide network of 1.1 million parts stored regionally, locally, and on-site allows for fast parts distribution and service to help drive Uptime, so Simon is confident his downtime will be short-lived.

With a wide array of industry-leading and award-winning services such as ParkView Managed Services™, Entuity Network Analytics, and its Enterprise Operations Center, Park Place simplifies management of digital infrastructure environments for better business outcomes. ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ proactively identifies hardware events, opens incidents tickets and triages the issue. Then Park Place engineers are dispatched immediately to your data center to resolve the issue, making the service process as efficient as possible. Dasha had help on the way before he even knew he needed it.

Simon, Beth and Dasha know there’s only one Place that:

  • Works with 90% of the Fortune 500
  • Offers a guaranteed First-Time Fix
  • Provides a real-time portal and mobile app
  • Has support in 170+ languages
  • Pioneered DMSO (Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize)

Are you fully confident in your data center maintenance? Are you partners with the largest, most innovative, most customer-focused TPM on the planet?

Learn what  Simon, Beth and Dasha already know.

There’s only one Place…Park Place.

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