Third Party Maintenance confident with XtremIO upgrades

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Paul Mercina July 18, 2019

Keeping the XtremIO X1 in place makes a lot of sense, but the high price of continuing a Dell EMC support cost simply doesn’t.

While OEM support for XtremIO will be offered through 2025, at this point in the lifecycle, customers are looking at how to reduce support costs and address the issues that have emerged with the XtremIO line.

Two Concerns

The first issue has to do with the X1 operating system, which XtremIO calls XIOS. Incremental upgrades took customers to XIOS 2.4 without problem. Then EMC engineered a quantum leap to the next version, and they left customers’ data behind.

The release of newer XIOS brought many attractive features including:

  • 120 TB capacity (up from the original 30) by allowing for six 20 TB X-Bricks
  • Inline data compression that provided 2x to 4x savings, depending on the data type
  • Writeable snapshots

On the downside, however, EMC changed the architecture from 4KB to 8KB page sizes, so XtremIO XIOS cannot be refreshed in place. Customers are stuck with older versions of XIOS unless they are willing to undergo a complete data reload. For mission critical storage, moving terabytes of data around for an O/S upgrade is an unwelcome complication.

There will be some customers who choose to upgrade the hardware instead. The X2 is on the market and boasts higher-capacity X-Bricks, 80% better response time, and 25% average improvement in storage efficiency, according to The Register. But the upgrade is a wholesale swap, and even when priced 55% lower on a per-GB basis than its predecessor, the XtremIO is still a hefty investment, one many data center managers aren’t in a position to make for 2019.

One Fix

The solution for many enterprise clients is simple—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But find someone who will do the repairs whenever they’re needed down the road.

Keeping the XtremIO X1 in place makes a lot of sense, but the high price of continuing a Dell EMC support cost simply doesn’t. Customers are switching to third party maintenance so they can continue to derive value from the XtremIO X1, save 50% or more on their support costs, and ensure they have the engineering expertise, spare parts access, and predictive maintenance capabilities required to ensure the X1’s continued performance and reliability.

About the Author

Paul Mercina, Director, Product Management Marketing
Paul Mercina brings over 20 years of experience in IT center project management to Park Place Technologies, where he oversees the product roadmap, growing the services portfolio, end-to-end development and release of new services to the market. His work is informed by 10+ years at Diebold Nixdorf, where he worked closely with software development teams to introduce new service design, supporting implementation of direct operations in a number of countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe.