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Parker February 23, 2021

IT Leaders found themselves rapidly adapting and responding to business disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Organizations moved to a distributed workforce quickly. Digital transformation and modernization efforts were fast-tracked. Many organizations had to make hard decisions to fund these efforts as IT departments saw sharp budget cuts.

The IT departments also had to rely on many service providers to help keep them up and running. Partners who could help them with responsiveness and scalability were valued. Moving forward, as organizations’ needs change as they continue to accelerate transformation, reviewing service providers will be necessary. IDC revealed in their top worldwide IT Industry 2021 Predictions that “by 2024, 80% of enterprises will overhaul relationships with suppliers, providers, and partners.

Typical third-party maintenance service providers allow organizations to extend their hardware lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. These TPMs are an alternative to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) but have mostly been smaller organizations with limited support globally.

As businesses continue to add new hardware from various OEMs, move more to the cloud, and prioritize edge investments, maintaining digital infrastructure will become even more complicated.

IT Leaders need a TPM service provider who can become a partner in discovering, supporting, monitoring, and optimizing the entire digital infrastructure while providing proactive managed services they need to become an extension of their team.

A new tier of third-party maintenance (TPM) service provider

Significant changes to the typical TPM model are needed to address IT leaders’ changing needs and become more than an alternative to OEM maintenance to reduce costs and extend the hardware lifecycle of aging infrastructure.

In November 2020, Park Place Technologies announced Curvature’s acquisition to become the largest third-party maintenance provider. By combining two of the largest and most advanced TPMs in the industry, Park Place created an entirely new TPM tier to provide a compelling alternative to OEM maintenance while still providing 30-40% savings on maintenance contracts. This combination of two leading service providers brings more advanced services and ultimately more uptime for businesses worldwide, providing:

More access to talent and experience.

Businesses invest significantly in talent. IT Leaders want them to focus on activities that drive the business forward as staffing budgets are limited. Hiring or gaining access to talent globally with training and expertise across many OEMs is challenging. To complicate matters, as organizations work directly with OEMs, they spend significant time managing service providers. Park Place Technologies has the largest team of field service engineers on the ground in the industry. These engineers have expertise in the data center, storage, and networking, averaging over 15 years of OEM experience providing technical depth. With 21,500 global customers, including 445 of the Fortune 500, Park Place has the experience and expertise to solve whatever issue comes your way across all major OEMs.

The acquisition of Curvature also strengthens our services for Cisco Networking, deeper network expertise overall, and standardized professional services.

More countries supported and more parts stocked near you.

Companies operate worldwide and need access to support with speed wherever they work when issues arise. Park Place Technologies supports over 154 countries with 2,400+ stocking locations around the world. Companies have access to over 1.15 million parts – ultimately providing local service on a global scale.

More capabilities and automation.

Companies need to maximize uptime and create cost efficiencies-all with greater infrastructure control and visibility. A fully integrated approach to managing critical digital infrastructure is required. Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize (DMSO) was introduced and developed by Park Place in 2020 and now available to all of the new company’s customers and future customers.  Parkview Discovery™ automatically discovers all physical, virtual, and cloud assets across your digital infrastructure, and Parkview Hardware Monitoring™ proactively identifies hardware events, opens tickets, and triages issues using automation.

ParkView Network Management™ brings the tools and expertise to deliver exceptional performance, visibility and intelligence to manage your network in today’s changing IT environment. Out service delivered by our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) streamlines network management processes by simplifying the management of hybrid environments, supporting new technologies and ensuring outstanding end-user experiences.

ParkView Server Management™ brings the tools and expertise to support your hybrid infrastructure; physical, virtual and cloud technologies. Our service delivered by our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC), streamlines IT operations by simplifying the management of compute environments and provides you with incident management, patch management and remediation.

More uptime with partnership

Keeping the business up and running all while advancing the company is the ultimate success for IT leaders. All of the combined resources of this new tier of TPM are Park Place Technologies’ goal, all while providing a redefined service experience that helps achieve a 97% customer satisfaction rate. Companies value strategic partners and are looking for more from their service providers. A global IT leader noted on, “The best partnerships will eventually become part of your internal teams, and will begin to make proactive recommendations to help your business drive revenue, increase time-to-market, and find new business opportunities globally.”

Park Place Technologies is ready to partner with you to deliver more as the largest TPM globally with more talent, coverage, equipment, capabilities, automation, and ultimately uptime. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your company achieve more uptime in a great partnership.  Contact us today to learn more.

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