URGENT NOTICE: EMC Clariion CX4-480 Support May Have Ended!

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Drew Teller Published: June 03, 2015

There is a shake-up in EMC Clariion CX4-480 support. Available end-of-support-life lists from EMC show the CX4 series to retain OEM support as an option through December 2016. In addition, in comments to the media regarding the discontinuation of the Clariion series, EMC specifically committed to supporting the CX4 series for five years past the late-2011 end-of-life date.

IT professionals had every reason to expect EMC to stand by the CX4 series through 2016, but there are now signs that EMC may be cutting things short. Customers are reporting letters from EMC indicating that they can no longer renew their support contracts for the CX4-480, although the reason for this notice remains unclear. Affected data center managers and IT directors have been left little time to investigate alternative arrangements and chart the right path for the EMC CX4-480.

Whether this change in CX4-480 support from EMC is a corporate-wide policy, and whether it affects other CX4 series equipment, are issues we are currently investigating. What is certain, however, is that this situation underscores the importance of engaging third party support proactively, before EOSL. There are many reasons to do so.

1. Cost

Even IT managers who have been phobic about third party maintenance realize that late-in-lifecycle equipment is not well supported by the OEM. After a few years, the 40% to 70% annual savings available through companies like Park Place Technologies are highly attractive. By switching EMC CX4-480 support today, many IT shops find they can save enough over 18 months they might otherwise spend with EMC to pay for an entire year of post-EOSL support.

2. Quality

Reputable third party maintenance providers offer EMC-matching support quality, and the top-tier companies, including Park Place, will beat EMC in many respects. Clients should expect at a minimum:

  • Complete coverage, including full hardware, software, and firmware support without fine print that will leave them hanging when problems arise;
  • 24/7 remote monitoring with daily diagnostics to ensure client and support provider systems are in communication;
  • Telephone and online support capabilities, as well as on-site assistance for parts installation and other tasks;
  • EMC-quality engineering capable of handling the most complex issues with the CX4-480.

Knowing that third party maintenance is as good as, if not better than, EMC support for the same equipment means there is no reason NOT to changeover as soon as possible.

3. Service

Where the best providers will stand out is in service. Making support more customizable and more personalized is a key part of Park Place’s mission. We achieve it with:

  • Contracts tailored to the needs and budgets of each client, with SLAs selected on an array-by-array, server-by-server basis;
  • Immediate access to Level 3 support with no escalation procedure or other barriers, ever;
  • A local, EMC-experienced engineer assigned to the account;
  • Features like an up-front systems analysis, regular reviews of trouble calls, and extra engineering time to assist with the various tasks that fall outside of the usual break/fix.

4. Long-Term Commitment

As we’re seeing with the CX4-480, the OEMs will often change the support playground with limited notice. In the past, we’ve seen Hitachi put “supported” equipment into a “restricted support” situation, wherein contracts were all but unavailable, in advance of EOSL. The confusion regarding the EMC CX4-480 shows that EMC’s EOSL dates may not hold up either.

IT professionals will be best off if they take action in advance. Companies like Park Place never declare end of support. We are committed to helping you maintain your valued systems at peak performance for as long as you need them. Getting us on board early means no last-minute “no contract renewal available” fire drills like the one facing EMC CX4 owners.

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