Why EMC Centera End of Life is not the End of the Road

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Drew Teller Published: July 07, 2015

EMC Centera end of life has reached the Generation 4 systems up to the 3 TB LP. Only the 4 TB, 8 TB, and 12 TB versions of this write-once, read-many product line retain an EMC option for support. But with release dates at least three years in the past, even these newer Centeras have reached a point at which alternative EMC Centera maintenance is a more cost-efficient choice.

Why Extend Centera Lifespan?

Centera systems are prime candidates for a long life. For many IT organizations, they house seldom accessed data that must be maintained for compliance or archival purposes. New technology and features are less important for these applications, so it’s viable to keep existing systems in service for much longer than EMC might recommend. Remember, their priority is hardware sales, so counseling customers to upgrade is part of their business model.

IT organizations have different motivations. Increasingly, saving money on day-to-day functions, such as compliance data management, is essential if there is to be room in the budget for technology that will transform the business.

Research has shown that each extra year of storage hardware life returns $700 in value for every $1,000 in original purchase price, and we’d argue that with the Centera, the benefits are even greater. These systems are widely recognized as being difficult to migrate to newer hardware or the cloud. The process is riskier and more time-consuming than most new technology integrations, so why not put it off as long as possible?

Post-Warranty and Post-EOSL Centera Support

For some time, the answer to the last question was “because I can’t find a non-Hitachi support provider.” There were a limited number of third party maintenance companies experienced with the EMC Centera, making long-term IT storage support a challenge.

Happily, the situation is changing. There are now companies willing and able to offer high-quality contracts on end-of-life Centera equipment, as well as systems for which the initial three-year EMC support period has expired. Whether or not EMC is willing to renew your EMC Centera support contract, it’s worth considering other options.

Park Place Technologies is one of the few companies with a truly comprehensive suite of EMC support services, including a robust EMC Centera offering that is:

  • You’ll pay 40% to 70% less than EMC charges for comparable support, without giving up any of the quality or features you rely on. And with various support levels to choose from, there’s an Park Place solution for every budget.
  • Park Place’s support contracts incorporate all the coverage you need to keep your Centera operating at peak performance. From 24/7 remote monitoring to complete hardware, software, and firmware support, we have you covered.
  • Many providers, including EMC, deliver bureaucratic support full of escalation procedures and other frustrations. Park Place is different. We staff exclusively Level 3 engineers, so the first person you access by telephone or online is a qualified, experienced individual who can get you answers right away. Additionally, we assign a local, Level 3 engineer to every account, which provides continuity and increases the effectiveness of on-site assistance.

For more information about our Dell EMC support or other third party maintenance offerings, contact us today!

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