Pat Duclos

Vice President of Global Accounts

Phone: 440-991-3199

Pat-Duclos-pptPat has been with Park Place Technologies for over 10 years. Pat works closely with upper-level management on a daily basis in order to provide the best service possible to Park Place’s large, global accounts. He has been with Park Place since the beginning, serving as President prior to the merge with TLC. After bringing on Ed Kenty, current President and Chief Executive Officer, Pat took some time off, eventually finding his way back to Park Place as the Vice President of Business Development. He is responsible for Park Place’s Service First philosophy. His knowledge and skill allows him to help manage and grow the larger, global accounts. With these accounts, Pat dives deep into these business partnerships and sees how Park Place can implement new services not just with them, but across our entire customer base. Some major accomplishments of his include growing one of his accounts by 10-fold since his returning to Park Place 5 years ago, and tripling the growth of another large account.

Prior to Park Place Technologies, Pat worked at Data General in their technical services department. He was one of the top 100 field engineers for 3 years and finally winning Field Engineer of the year. He then worked for TLC, focusing on Data General computer service and resale.

In his spare time, Pat is an avid golfer, enjoys boating, socializing, and spending time on the beach.

Pat received his BS in Management from Bryant University. During his time at Data General, he received multiple technical certifications.