ParkView Hardware Monitoring™​

Maximize your Uptime.

Maximize Your Uptime

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ is a hosted service that boosts Uptime by proactively monitoring data center storage, server and networking hardware 24/7. ParkView™​ develops baselines — specific to your environment — that help filter out noise, resulting in alerts being sent only for actionable events. ParkView™​ can even predict some events before they occur. When remediation is needed, ParkView™​ automatically opens incident tickets and triages the issue. Then, Park Place engineers are dispatched immediately to your data center, making the service experience as efficient as possible.

What It Means For You

  • Proactive Fault Protection
    ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ proactively identifies faults 24/7 without the need for customer action of any kind.
  • Faster First-Time Fixes
    More informed alerts results in better-prepared responses and a greater percentage of first-time fixes.
  • Fully Supported
    ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ supports all storage, server and networking equipment and all OEM vendors currently supported by Park Place Technologies.
  • Faster Response and Resolution Times
    Once a fault is detected, ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ instantly self-creates a ticket for immediate repairs.
  • Extremely Secure
    We set up security features based on each customer’s individual security requirements, and we ensure that non-public data is never accessed or transmitted.
  • Easy Implementation
    ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ is packaged as a value-add service for supported storage systems and includes a consultative implementation with your IT staff.
  • Accurate Part Identification
    Each generated ticket includes machine type, asset serial number, part number and fault description.
  • Non-Disruptive
    Automated detection and ticket creation enables your IT staff to focus on other data center priorities.

Supported Products

We service all storage, server and networking equipment & all OEM equipment from our supported vendors.

Let's Automate Your Maintenance Process

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™​ platform monitors your hardware 24/7 so you don’t have to. When an event is detected, ParkView™​ instantly creates a ticket including the details necessary to resolve the issue, so there’s no need to call us.

  • Avoid Alert Fatigue by only receiving alerts for events that require action
  • Leads to a 31% faster mean time to repair and a first-time fix rate of 97%
  • Vendor-agnostic interface supports a wide range of OEMs, platforms, OS and generations
  • Real-time visibility via Central Park customer portal
  • Security features are based on your company’s unique requirements and all data transmitted to ParkView™ is SSL encrypted
  • Reduces the average number of touchpoints to resolve an issue from 8 to just 2

ParkView First Call™​

Take the time savings that ParkView Hardware Monitoring™​ offers and ramp it up further. With ParkView First Call™​ we’ll take care of your OEM ticket process, escalating your first contact with the OEM to second-level triage.
  • Park Place will answer the customer call or email immediately and gather data about the service event
  • Park Place will open an incident with the current OEM service provider on the customer’s behalf