Strategic Options for Federal Data Center Hardware Maintenance

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COVID-19 has impacted the federal government and its approach to technology for years to come. Infrastructure managers face significant budget pressures, have stretched thin teams, work remotely and deal with travel restrictions. With a new President and agenda, priorities will change even further to bring to life campaign promises. At the same time, infrastructure teams ensure they are keeping the lights on with existing equipment.

Federal government infrastructure managers need to find ongoing cost savings and free up time to work on high priority initiatives. Now is a great time to consider utilizing a third-party maintenance (TPM) provider. TPMs provide support programs for top tier OEMs and are vendor agnostic. Infrastructure managers can take advantage of cost savings of up to 30-40% while working with only one partner focused on keeping your data centers up and running. TPMs provide hardware monitoring across the federal department’s infrastructure with automated issue detection combined with actionable insights so appropriate action can be taken.

TPMs already provide third party government IT support to many federal government agencies and departments. Federal infrastructure managers should look for TPMs with significant experience across departments and operations wherever you need them in the U.S. or globally. Locate a TPM with an existing GSA contract in place for required MSA schedules to ensure excellent communication and pricing right away. They should also be FAR compliant and have necessary security clearances in place.