Park Place Launches First and Only Mobile Application to Monitor and Maintain IT Infrastructure Remotely

Park Place Technologies, a global leader in data center management, is announcing PPTechMobile, a mobile application that will give customers real-time access to maintenance events in their data center and IT infrastructure. This is the first and only mobile application of its kind in the third-party maintenance category.

PPTechMobile will offer several key features that mirror the capabilities of the Park Place customer portal, Central Park. These features include:

  • Submit, edit and view incidents
  • Monitor escalation process
  • Access all contracted assets

PPTechMobile also enables users to identify devices that need support by simply using the phone’s camera to scan the bar code. The application then decodes the bar code and automatically populates the corresponding serial number in a ticket submission form.

The new mobile application is being launched after beta testing and consultation with the Park Place Technologies Client Advisory Board, which includes executives from Cincinnati Bell, Change Healthcare and BMC Software, among others.

“Customers have made it clear that a mobile app was their top priority because they want the high service standards of Park Place in the most convenient platform,” said Park Place CIO Michael Cantor. “For customers who use the Central Park portal, this elevates the convenience and efficiency of service and attention. For those just exploring the portal, this is a new way to stay connected 24/7.”

In the near future, customers will receive notifications of real-time changes to their service events on their phone through PPTechMobile.

“This was a logical evolution in Park Place customer service, building on the highly respected functionality of the Central Park portal,” said Park Place CIO Michael Cantor. “You never know when you are going to have a hardware event. PPTechMobile ensures that Park Place is always within reach.”

PPTechMobile is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies

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