Evolution of the ParkView™ brand and new ParkView™ services

As Park Place Technologies evolves, so does our product suite.  In the last four years alone, we have added, Managed Services, ParkView™ and ENA from Entuity to complement our core third-party support and maintenance offering.

We are transitioning from the Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) space into DMSO (Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize), a new category we created, where, harnessing our full service capabilities of our IT hardware support services, Managed Services, ParkView and Entuity, we will be able to provide our customers with more services throughout the data centre technology stack.

When we launched ParkView (first in the UK in November 2017, and then globally in December 2017), we wanted to provide our customers with a multi-vendor, multi-stack, automated support service to help make maintenance more efficient.  Its testament to our innovation and progress with ParkView, and the market opportunity in front of us, that the ParkView service is evolving.

To enable us to deliver DMSO, we have undertaken significant R&D to ensure we can develop the services our customers need for their data centre hardware infrastructure.  To that end, a number of new services will be offered to our customers under the ParkView™ brand.

Going forward, ParkView™ from Park Place Technologies, which has long been synonymous with our automated support service, will instead be the lead brand to deliver a full suite of hosted services that brings order to managing an organisation’s critical infrastructure while eliminating chaos and accelerating business transformation. ParkView will em­power our customers to efficiently Discover, Monitor, Support and Optimise their IT infrastructure, including cloud computing environments. This combination of integrated manage­ment, across multiple layers, inte­grates disparate vendors, solutions, and data into one place, making it easier for our customers to make smart, future-focused decisions for the business.

You can find out more about these and our new ParkView services below.


ParkView First Call

With ParkView First Call™ when an issue is detected on hardware that requires service by the OEM, Park Place will contact the OEM on behalf of the customer, make sure a ticket is opened, and save the customer the time and hassle of waiting on the phone or monitoring their email for a response.

Park Place Technologies will serve as the single point of contact for all data centre assets regardless of who provides maintenance for those assets, will answer the customer call or email immediately and gather data about the service event.


ParkView Hardware Monitoring

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ is the new name for the original ParkView!  ParkView Hardware Monitoring is a fully automated maintenance service that streamlines the hardware support process and helps data centres boost uptime. The old way of managing a data centre is reactionary, time-consuming, costly and outdated. Whether you’re monitoring Storage, Server, or Network devices, ParkView reduces the number of touchpoints between you and a maintenance solution to two easy steps.


ParkView Discovery

ParkView Discovery™ is a hosted service platform that provides customers with a holistic, accurate listing of all data centre assets, within their IT environment, across all OEMs.


ParkView Network Analytics (PVNA)

ParkView Network Analytics™ (PVNA) is the hosting of Entuity’s ENA on Park Place’s Enterprise Operations Centre (EOC). Software administration including application patching, device and path Add/Change/Delete (ACD) managed by EOC customer service technicians.


ParkView Input Portal (PVIP)

ParkView Input Portal™ (PVIP), on Central Park, gives customers the ability to self-install ParkView onto their hardware infrastructure.


ParkView OS Monitoring™ – scheduled launch date 23rd November

Hosted solution for server and storage monitoring at the software level to include Linux, Windows, VM.


For further information our suite of ParkView™ services or to see our ParkView services in action, please contact Simon Bitton, sbitton@parkplacetech.com

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