Have you registered to use Central Park yet?

Have you registered to use our Park Place Technologies Customer Portal, Central Park yet?  Central Park is your new and improved single pane of glass for managing your data centre maintenance, where you can review open support tickets, identify supported assets, review current contracts and more!

Our Central Park customer portal has recently been enhanced with new features, which include:

  • A fresh, clean, user interface
  • Easy-to-read dashboard of key metrics
  • Ability to designate multiple customer administrators
  • Multi-account access

On the homepage dashboard we have introduced a new left navigation which gives you:

  • Easy access to the Ticket, Asset and Contract Hubs
  • Manage Users allows you to add new Customer Administrators and Users based on desired access levels
  • Central Park FAQs can be found under help

Our enhanced Central Park has made it easier to add notes to open tickets, view all open and closed tickets, track part shipments associated with each ticket, view all active Park Place contracts and SLAs, and submit a form to request a quote on additional assets!

You can view a short demo of the Central Park enhancements by visiting: https://parkplacetech.wistia.com/medias/v62ztb0axa

To register onto the Park Place Technologies Customer Portal, Central Park:

Contact your Park Place Technologies account manager to register for our Customer Portal Central Park.

Please note – as part of the registration process you will need to provide your account manager with an email address and contact details for your Portal Administrator

It is our aim to ensure that as a valued Park Place Technologies customer, your transition onto our Customer Portal is a smooth, seamless and integrated transition, during which we will continue to maintain the efficient and reliable service for which Park Place Technologies is known for.

For further information on Central Park and how to register, please contact us here.

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