Park Place in the News – A Trio of Approaches to Enhance your NOC/SOC Collaboration

We are pleased to share recent coverage of Park Place Technologies in InfoSecurity, an online magazine dedicated to the various strategies and developments that surround information security. This article is authored by our very own President and CEO, Chris Adams and delves into the nature of isolated network operations centres (NOC) and security operations centres (SOC) and why both systems functioning in more co-ordinance may be the preferred solution.

It will come as no surprise that having separate operating centres will increase organisational costs and complexity, a perfect example of this that Chris highlights is having the need for two separate incident response teams, therefore doubling staff expenses and leading to different assessments and disjointed technical solutions. In this article although certain considerations are conveyed, from NOC and SOC combining under a single umbrella to NOC and SOC stopping short of full integration, an interesting take on this issue is the introduction of Managed SOC.

Managed service providers are a viable alternative to complement the in-house capabilities of IT employees. When considering NOC and SOC, managed service providers will already have an excellent understanding of customer’s network operations and security challenges, so are in a good position to take on NOC and SOC-centric responsibilities. Add into the mix the fact that MSPs will reduce the need for internal personnel investment, whilst also delivering an expert service, the process of collaborating NOC and SOC will certainly be more streamlined.

If you would like to read the full article featuring Park Place Technologies’ President and CEO Chris Adams, please follow the link here –

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