Park Place in the News – How Companies can Support Gender Equality in STEM

Park Place Technologies was recently featured in Networking Plus, a UK IT business magazine aimed at those involved in the business of building, running and maintaining voice and data networks for enterprise users. In the article our Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Deutsch, discusses the need for better female representation in STEM careers and how technology employers can play their part in ensuring equal opportunities.

Better representation for women in STEM is a cause that Park Place fully supports. This is evidenced by the STEM apprenticeship programme that Park Place Technologies introduced earlier this year, where two female students from Ireland were granted the opportunity to partake in an externship with Park Place, including an all-expenses paid trip to North America. Ultimately, with just 24% of roles within STEM careers being held by women, this means that a considerable amount of the talent pool is being left behind, therefore it is a responsibility of Park Place Technologies to ensure that equal opportunities are presented to all.

In the article in Networking Plus, Jennifer discusses the core aspects that can encourage more participation of females within STEM careers. One extract states that having more women on the company’s board can be beneficial – for example if there are very few female employees on the board of an organisation typically associated with STEM, then there may be a concern as to whether there will be an opportunity to attain a promotion in future. At Park Place, there are several high-ranking women who contribute to the leadership of the company, therefore inspiring progression of women within the organisation.

The article continues to stress the importance of STEM education in children and young females in order to encourage increased development and interest in this area. Again Park Place Technologies profoundly support this, through our participation in Code Club and CoderDojo volunteering – which inspires young girls and boys to become more accustomed to technology and coding.

It is a responsibility of STEM organisations to encourage increased participation of women within their ranks – this is the key message and key takeaway of the article.  If you would like to read more from the article, please follow the link below –

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