Park Place in the news – Remote Data Centre Maintenance During Coronavirus

Park Place Technologies are thrilled to be featured in EnterpriseAI, a publication that covers the world of machine learning and high performance data analytics. In this article our Director of Product Management, Paul Mercina, shares his views on remote monitoring for data centres and how beneficial it can be during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As evidenced in the article, remote monitoring can minimise data centre disruption as these AI tools have the power to predict and self-learn through patterns, potentially helping to alleviate IT issues and resolve faults quicker than through human interaction. Park Place’s revolutionary, award-winning ParkView™ platform is our remote monitoring tool that instantly creates a ticket including the details necessary to resolve the issue, when a hardware fault is detected – With reduced physical monitoring permitted due to the Coronavirus situation, this is a huge plus and leads to more uptime!

Further along into the feature, Paul discusses the effectiveness of customer portals, to enable customers to log tickets remotely and ease the strain on overwhelmed call centre staff. Again Park Place’s customer portal, Central Park, provides a quick and convenient solution to manage your Park Place Technologies’ account. Finally our mobile App, PPTechMobile, elevates this service convenience by ensuring our customers stay connected through our customer portal in your pocket.

This is a truly insightful article from Park Place’s Paul Mercina, if you would like to read it in full, please follow the link here.

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