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The Nature of the IoT Security Threat

Research shows less than half of IoT device makers provide remote updates and patches, focus on device security, or invite researchers to identify vulnerabilities. IoT today is on the precipice of disaster, and industry observers worry about “the big one”—the hack that does immense business or environmental damage or costs lives.

The Edge and the Cloud

At present, good edge implementation is designed to meet narrowly focused goals and involves purpose-built systems to meet specialized needs. But as much as driverless cars need to “think” and “interact with” other cars without constantly consulting centralized resources, developers still expect to collect, process, and aggregate data in the cloud.

Cooling Data Centers When Water is Scarce, Part 2

Every manufactured product uses water, and industrial consumption can comprise 50 percent of water demand in many regions. This is an especially important consideration, as manufacturing is expected to rise 400 percent by 2050.

Cooling Data Centers When Water is Scarce, Part 1

The world’s loftiest data center currently stands above 5 kilometers in the Chilean Andes, although challenges to building and operating at those heights made it an expensive gambit, albeit a necessary one for its astronomy research purposes.

2019 “Little Book” Debuts in Digital Format

For more than 16 years, NCE, which was acquired by Park Place Technologies in August 2017, published “The Little Book,” which provided a perspective of data centre technology and a guide to services the company

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