Cisco NBAR

Offering support for Cisco NBAR (Network-Based Application Recognition),
ENA helps ensure the quality of application performance.

What is Cisco NBAR?

NBAR gives you visibility into the mix of applications flowing in and out of the ports on your devices. This empowers you to specify which business-critical applications are to be guaranteed bandwidth on your network, as best suits you and your business.

In doing so, NBAR helps solve the problem of bandwidth being consumed by multiple services and applications, some of which might not be business-critical. NBAR achieves this by intelligently classifying applications so that you can provide differentiated services to each application. Once you have classified your business-critical applications, they can be guaranteed a minimum amount of bandwidth.

Save on costs and improve performance

  • Reduce WAN expense

    Discover how your bandwidth is being used, and which lower priority applications are generating more traffic than higher priority applications. Restricting bandwidth for less business-critical applications means you don’t have to unnecessarily purchase more bandwidth in times of high traffic.

  • Improve application response

    Ensure business-critical applications perform to SLAs and your user’s expectations. Critical site pages can be given priority, so customers can effortlessly complete crucial online actions and transactions without frustration, for example on a sales page. Or give priority to video conferencing so meetings are not impacted by poor audio and video quality.

  • Easy-to-use functionality

    Enable and disable NBAR polling and blacklisting from dashlets, wherever you are in the network.

  • Improve VPN performance

    Free your employees to work remotely and wherever they want and need to, whilst still having effective access to business-critical applications. NBAR identifies traffic that is crucial to the business before it is encrypted, enabling the network to apply appropriate QoS controls.

  • Improve multiservice performance

    Enhance the multiservice network experience that you provide with NBAR. Data, voice and video packets can each be identified and provided with the correct network characteristics. This way, you can ensure that lower priority traffic, such as email, do not eat into the bandwidth use for streaming a training video, for instance.