Park Place Technologies purchases decommissioned hardware equipment from customers, end users and brokers.

The brands and types of equipment we’re looking for vary based on our needs, but if you have some equipment for our consideration please fill out the form on this page. Subscribe to email updates on what we’re looking to purchase.

Current Priorities:

VMAX3 • NetApp E series • X-IO ISE series • HPE Nimble

Decommissioning older equipment not shown on this list? We still might be interested. Fill out the form on this page to get started.


We’re only interested in professional-grade data center hardware: storage, servers and networking equipment.

Keeping Your Data Secure

When your data center assets reach their retirement period, or are non-functioning, having a defined process on securely disposing these items is vital. Park Place will work with you to ensure data security when taking possession of your equipment.