One Key Place to Apply Machine Learning—IT Maintenance

Not all AI projects are living up to expectations

Artificial intelligence is all the rage in the technology trade press, but a cautionary tone is also taking hold. It’s a new field, and not all AI projects are living up to expectations. In fact, Gartner’s 2019 Australia report highlights how IT skills and capacity currently trail business needs. It’s true in ANZ but also the rest of the world.

More mature than AI itself is its precursor, machine learning. The precise dividing lines between AI and ML are often up for debate, but sophisticated algorithms are helping to transform data into insights for marketing teams, retailers, and even data center maintenance organizations!

Park Place is an innovator in the use of ML to enhance IT systems monitoring. Our ParkView solution keeps an eye on client systems 24/7 and, over time, the ML algorithms begin to “learn” what the environment looks like in advance of hardware faults. The application then snaps to action, as follows:

  • ParkView detects the fault in its initial stages, or even in advance.
  • The system automatically begins the triage process to uncover the root cause.
  • A trouble ticket is generated and includes the triage results and product details so engineers can prepare a resolution.
  • Park Place dispatches an engineer to bring the parts, fix the problem, and close the ticket.

It’s just that simple and that hands-off for clients. And ParkView delivers impressive results, accelerating the mean time to repair by 31%.

ParkView is a key contributor to Park Place’s 97% first-time fix rate. And the system can be securely connected to nearly any server, storage array, or networking hardware Park Place maintains to enhance reliability and save staff time.

If a more efficient, optimized data center is your goal in Australia or anywhere else around the globe, machine learning in the form of ParkView is a fully field tested and proven solution to enhance ROI and reduce the most common headaches associated with data center maintenance.

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