Data Center White Papers

Maximize the value of your hardware maintenance operations

Understand the value of third-party maintenance services and how Park Place Technologies can help with your hardware maintenance initiatives.

From the New Normal to the Next Normal in the Data Center

The global coronavirus pandemic revealed gaps in data centers’ business continuity planning. Faced with a rapidly changing, enduring, worldwide crisis—which confounded preparations designed primarily for isolated, short-term emergencies—IT leaders have come to realize the “new

Dedicated Maintenance Services Offer IT Managers a Trustworthy Option

Hardware assets are among the most valuable elements of the data center. Storage arrays, servers and network equipment often dictate resource use in the data center. With IT budgets facing strain and many companies shifting

5 Things You Need to Know About Reducing Data Security Risk During Asset Disposal

What you don’t know about securing the data on retired servers and storage devices can hurt your company’s data security efforts. Many organizations underestimate hard drive-related security risks or assume incorrectly that routine software management

Maximize the Value of Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Increasingly, the reliability of data center hardware extends its useful life well beyond the terms of maintenance warranties. In specific circumstances, some IT managers and implementers devalue warranty and post warranty maintenance services or deny