It’s tough being a CIO these days. Park Place can help.

Resources Are Scarce

The role of the CIO is more complex and dynamic than ever before. There never seems to be enough time, resources, skills, or budget for day-to-day management, let alone modernizing your operations.

Global Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

As the global leader in data center and networking optimization we help more than 21,000 customers across the globe optimize their IT infrastructure lifecycle management. From procuring to decommissioning, our portfolio of services and products will streamline your budget and free your team to focus on big-picture initiatives.

it lifecycle management best practices chart

How Can We Help You?

Accelerating Digital Transformation Initiatives

According to a recent PWC Pulse Survey, 53% of CIOs are being asked to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Park Place is helping companies get there by taking day-to-day tasks like monitoring, patching, and remediation of their plates, so they have more time to plan ahead. And we’re saving money in the process, so they have more to invest in new technologies.

Day-to-Day Management

With technologies constantly evolving, it’s virtually impossible – or not economically wise – to have all the skills you need on staff. Our global Managed and Professional Services teams can complement your in-house skills to ensure you’re covered – whatever the need, and wherever it arises.

Filling Skills Gaps/Adding Staff Bandwidth

According to Gartner’s CIO Agenda Insights for Midsize Enterprises 2023, 83% of CIOs expect to grow their IT team in 2023. However, finding qualified staff, or getting the budget approved to hire them, can be a real challenge. Park Place Technologies can help you with your short-, medium- or long-term skills gaps to help you deliver IT operational efficiency for your organisation.

Running a More Sustainable IT Practice

According to the Foundry State of CIO Study 2023, 64% of CIOs are tasked with adhering to ESG standards and are involved in the selection of clean information technology. Everyone wants a more sustainable IT practice, but at times it seems its easier said than done. Park Place Technologies can help boost your sustainability metrics via the procurement of pre-owned hardware (vs. new), environmentally-friendly disposition services and more.

Stretching IT Budgets

According to Info-Tech’s CIO Priorities 2023 report, only 40% of CIOs expect their budgets to keep pace with inflation. Furthering digital transformation initiatives while maintaining your legacy IT infrastructure with a limited budget can seem next to impossible. Park Place Technologies can help drive and deliver IT operational efficiency while making your IT budget go further.

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