Entuity SurePath

Troubleshoot Problems Across Private and Public Networks

Quickly identify where your network problems are and keep your critical connections resilent with Entuity Network Analytics SurePath. 

Key Features:​

  • SaaS/Cloud Application Monitoring
  • WAN Site Monitoring
  • MPLS Network Performance Monitoring
  • Application Path Valdiation
  • Redundancy & Failover Alerts
  • Troubleshoot Routing Loops

Understand Network Path Performance and Behavior

Trace and Visualize your network paths and beyond

  • Trace and visualize a path between a source and its destination (e.g. between London office and Office 365 servers).
  • Aggregated traceroute batchs to ensure accuracy of path mapping, showing all the possible paths a packet could have taken from source to destination.
  • Trace the path of your traffic across multiple locations, e.g. London > NY via Paris, or Moscow > NY via Frankfurt.

Identify where problems might exist:

  • Automatically detect performance and connectivity issues, and receive events and incidents on these issues.
  • Monitor remote office branches for performance and connectivity.

Manage the routes you want paths to take:

  • Required and blacklisting functionality enables you to specify which nodes must and must not appear in a path, and receive alerts when these are not met.

See real-time performance issues:

  • Monitor application-based latency to services beyond your network (Cloud, SaaS)
  • Ensure ISPs are meeting agreed business SLAs by ensuring performance and connectivity to specific nodes and destinations.

What is your network hiding?

Visualize your Network with Ease

Visualize your network like never before

The ENA UI simply and effectively visualizes your network paths and their data, so you can see everything you need to see. Select a path to open its Path Discovery dashlet, which is split into 3 sections to provide you with easily accessible data about each path through your network.

See problems quickly

  • Choose whether to render the path horizontally left to right, or vertically top to bottom.
  • Zoom in and out as you need.
  • The name, IP address, and round trip time latency (inclusive or exclusive of queuing delays) of each node are displayed.
  • Instantly identify the first node in the path with latency issues, blacklisted nodes, and nodes in the public network.
  • Keep the path clean by collapsing internet nodes and hiding unknown nodes, or display every node and see the path in its entirety.
  • Click on a node to see its latency history for further data to help your path management.
  • View the specified required and blacklisted nodes for this path.
SurePath path diagram

See Entuity Network Analytics SurePath in Action