Entuity Network Monitoring

Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

We know how important it is to support diverse network environments. With Entuity Network Analytics you can Discover, Analyze, and Manage your entire network across countless devices supplied by a whole host of different vendors. ENA supports thousands of devices out of the box across hundreds of vendors. 

Entuity Network Analytics automates network discovery and uses intuitive workflows that make it easy to see when something has gone wrong. Responsive dashboards allow you to take a high-level view to gauge your network health, or drill down to the component level to quickly and efficiently fix network problems

Key Features

Network Discovery

Continual network discovery provides an always up-to-date device inventory of your network assets. ENA shows you more data than any other network monitoring solution.

Network Topology

Dynamic network topology maps offer comprehensive visibility of your network, locally and worldwide. Drill down into individual devices and ports and see impacting network incidents.

Event Mangement

An advanced event management system organizes network alert data into higher-level incidents. Raised in response to one or more events, they allow you to focus on what’s important.

Dashboard Reporting

ENA provides over 100 reports out-of-the-box to give you a comprehensive toolbox of analytics. A drag-and-drop custom report builder gives you the power to create your own.

Flow & NBAR

Receive detailed analysis of flow information including conversations between source and destination ports. Observe network traffic patterns, trends and drill down to the exact cause of issues.

Application Path Monitoring

Entuity SurePath offers real-time discovery of the actual network paths used by applications, giving your business deep insight into the network components their applications depend on.

Simple network management software

Keeping network availability high and reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) is critical to business. With data volumes doubling every two years, you need network management software that simplifies the process of managing, monitoring and analyzing your network data.

Discover your Network

ENA fully consolidates all core network management functionality into one solution, with a single user interface. It is unified with the rest of the product, feeding into all other ENA functionality. We’ve put all device management and administration options together on the Device Inventory page, where you can discover, import and add devices, modify the attributes used to manage them, or remove them from management.

Access is permission-based, so you can specify who can edit device management. You need a tool that does more than simply pinging a device to determine its status – ENA gives you quick accessibility and deep visibility into your network devices.

View vital information about each device on your network:

  • Device name displayed in the interface
  • Polled name
  • Zone to which the device belongs
  • Description
  • Physical location
  • Capabilities, e.g. routing, routing and switching, none, unknown
  • Type, e.g. router, VM platform
  • Management level
  • IP protocol
  • SysOID used to manage the device.
  • SNMP version supported by the device
  • Port on which the device’s SNMP agent receives its requests
  • If the device is certified or uncertified
  • If the device is reachable by ping
  • If the device is under management
  • Source of the device name
  • Device’s management IP address
  • If SNMP Bulk Get is enabled
ENA Dashboard

Reduce Event Noise

ENA gives you complete control of your network data, how you want to display it, and where you want to see it. Fully customize user and client privileges with granular, role-based access control. Create NOC-ready dashboards that automatically fit contents to the screen.

Let a single Dynamic Dashboard enhance your network monitoring and do the work of hundreds of traditional dashboards. Achieve in a few minutes what previously took you days and weeks. Access more of your data, faster, with network management software built for the way you work.

Monitor Business Outcomes

Entuity has designed network management software that encompasses all aspects of service management, not just one element. Architected for proactive network monitoring and incident management, Entuity Network Analytics enables you to measure mean time to restoring service (MTRS), showing you when a service is fully available once restored.

With ENA, you can model network resources to the business services they deliver and see how your network components relate to real business

Business Dashboard

What is your Network hiding?

Install as many devices as you like to your network without worrying about how they’ll integrate into the network – use ENA to rapidly discover, add and configure these devices, and support your modern infrastructure and the applications that run on them.


Entuity satisfied our network management system requirements with its all-in-one solution—minimizing the number of tools we need, helping us manage our costs and deliver services more effectively.
Network Design Engineer
University of Minnesota
Entuity proactively highlighted areas to address before they became service-impacting issues, allowing us to ultimately provide better services to our customers.
Manager, Network Managment Applications
We implemented Entuity within hours. And because it required very little maintenance or training, it meant that almost from the get-go we could utilize junior staff for troubleshooting tasks.
Network Services Manager
Major Card Services Provider
We rely on Entuity to help us get through the rigors of everyday network monitoring with the confidence to proactively handle events, maximize our IT staff and supply outstanding service delivery to our entire company.
Head IT Manager
Global Electric Car Service Company

Transform network data into business insights

Let us show you how: 

By enhancing and maintaining network performance, ENA empowers businesses to focus on what matters – making faster, more informed decisions and planning for future success. 

We’ll guide you through some of Entuity’s Network Analytics pivotal features.

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