Alternative Support for Cisco UCS Equipment

Cisco has already walked away from many UCS models.

Cisco UCS—for Unified Computing System—represents the company’s effort to shake up the server market. Starting in 2009, Cisco offered UCS products that required less rack space than a standard blade and were designed for tight network integration.

For many enterprises, purchasing Cisco UCS servers was an initial foray into converged infrastructure (CI) and most customers don’t want to look back. To the contrary, many grew into Cisco HyperFlex, among other products, to continue on the CI/HCI path and would like to see the UCS systems remain within their environments.

Keeping good hardware in service is a primary advantage of a third party maintenance provider like Park Place Technologies. For one thing, we don’t declare “end of support life” until worldwide spare parts availability is completely exhausted.

Cisco, on the other hand, has already walked away from many UCS models. And next year, the company will end support on the Cisco UCS 5108, B200 M3 Blade, C220 M3Blade, C240 M3 Rack, and various UCSC products. Find a complete EOSL list here. You can avoid problems by acting now to engage Park Place for reliable, long-range support.

There is also value to consider, and this breaks down into two main components:

  • Cost
    Park Place’s Cisco support contracts on UCS servers are priced 30% to 40% below the OEM, so there’s plenty of opportunity to save by switching UCS support provider now.
  • Features
    Customers who invested in the rather pricey Cisco UCS equipment aren’t shopping bargain basement-style. They want quality, too. Fortunately, Park Place support contracts deliver with access to L3, Cisco-certified engineers, high-quality spare parts, and a support system that delivers 31% faster mean time to repair and 97% first-time fix rates.

At a time when new maintenance headaches have emerged for data center managers and others across the IT industry, customers have even more to gain from affordable, high-performance support from Park Place.

For example, ParkView, available for Cisco UCS, monitors for hardware faults 24/7. When an event is detected, the system automatically generates a detailed trouble ticket, and we respond to schedule maintenance. It’s essentially “hands off” support for Cisco UCS equipment, which can really help when on-site data center admins may be in short supply.

If you’re among the customers that looked to Cisco as an alternative to the same old server options, you’re probably ready to consider other alternatives—including alternatives to a Cisco Service contract. Find out exactly what Park Place’s server support solution would mean for you by requesting a quote today!

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