Cisco Hardware Saves $$$ Tomorrow, Park Place’s Cisco Maintenance Saves $$$ Today

IT managers are under pressure to cut costs on everything from networking equipment to Cisco maintenance, and companies are vying to provide more flexible, less costly solutions. While we haven’t seen it yet, Business Insider is tracking Cisco’s forthcoming SDN product which is poised to save money on the equipment side. Here’s the scoop:

The company [Cisco] is under attack right now from a new technology called software-defined networking (SDN) and Insieme is the magic SDN product that will let Cisco compete. SDN is a kind of technology that takes the high-end features built into routers and switches and puts them into software that can run on cheaper hardware. Big companies still need routers and switches, but they can buy fewer of them and cheaper ones thanks to SDN. [Emphasis added.]

These networking appliances are still a little ways off. The first release comes out later this month, and many organizations will wait for the better chip set said to be coming later. Fortunately, there are great ways to cut your IT budget today—by moving away from Cisco SMARTnet.

Pluck the Low-Hanging Fruit

Cisco maintenance is an easy target for the budget-conscious IT manager. Simply using an alternative provider—also known as third party maintenance—can slash costs up to 70% compared with SMARTnet contracts, while enhancing support delivery.

How is that possible?

As the white paper “Third Party Maintenance Maximizes Data Center Investments” makes clear, several factors combine to bring customers a Cisco maintenance solution that wins in any cost/benefit analysis:

  • Brand name-quality service without the brand name price. Because Cisco dominates the market, the company feels justified in setting a high price for support—and they often get it. But more IT organizations are starting to question the overall SMARTnet value, and rightly so. Third party maintenance providers can supply better Cisco maintenance without t markup.
  • Efficient support delivery. The best third party maintenance providers specialize exclusively in service and have streamlined the support process. By employing highly experienced engineers with broad product experience, putting the customer in immediate contact with an engineer who can solve the problem, etc., we eliminate the costly bureaucracy and speed time-to-resolution.
  • Customizable options. Third party maintenance providers also offer a wider array of Cisco maintenance options, so you can tailor the support solution to your needs and budget.
  • Additional savings. Providing support for end-of-life and end-of-service-life Cisco products is another key advantage. We can save you the capital expenditure, installation headaches, and training costs associated with unnecessary upgrades by extending the life of perfectly good equipment that Cisco has ceased to support.

While cost is an important first consideration—and we can provide a fast quote to give you some numbers to start with—there is much on offer with third party maintenance beyond the savings. Park Place Technologies, for one, is proud to offer highest quality, personalized service and we’d love to talk to you about it.