Another Sign of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Dominance and the Importance of Third Party Maintenance

Third party maintenance is a continuing priority for companies that need to manage data center assets and do so at a reasonable cost.

A customer survey just released by Mesosphere shed some light on the cloud evolution and the extent to which public cloud offerings will overshadow enterprise data centers.

The company, which offers DC/OS products, found sales of on-premises-only options have fallen by 5 percentage points and cloud-only by 4 percentage points. Hybrid deployments, on the other hand, are up 8 percentage points, a 33 percent overall increase. Hybrid is now the most popular choice among its customers.

Mesosphere also found single-cloud to be declining (by 10 percent) in favor of multi-cloud. Today, 20 percent of respondents say they use two clouds while 4 percent use three or more. We expect those figures to increase as well.

Although the survey was limited by the Mesosphere customer base, its results echo those of other research organizations that have long been tempering predictions about the death of the data center. The report also reflects what we at Park Place Technologies see on the ground every day.

Yes, customers are moving some workloads to the public cloud, especially those for which they require significant elasticity. But they are also retaining full charge of other applications, siting them on-premises or in colocation facilities. Their reasoning runs the gamut from security concerns to a desire to control differentiating technology to cost concerns related to “renting” long-term cloud storage.

This makes third party maintenance a continuing priority for companies that need to manage data center assets and do so at a reasonable cost. Park Place’s ability to provide more responsive hardware support, achieve better first-time fix rates, integrate AI-based remote monitoring, and do it all for 60 percent less, on average, than the OEMs is helping IT organizations simplify IT support—so they can keep up with the growing complexity of the hybrid, multi-cloud environment that more and more IT leaders are being asked to manage.

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