Proactive IT Hardware Monitoring Eases Summer Data Center Worries

Prevent downtime before it happens with Park Place Technologies’ award-winning proactive monitoring system, ParkView.

Those of us at the Park Place Technologies HQ in Cleveland are glad to be enjoying a warm summer. If outdoor fun is amping up your energy levels, and you want more time in the sun than being inside walking up and down the rows of your data center, it might be time to look into third party maintenance

We understand, reevaluating your data center maintenance solution makes the “to do” list, but until it’s an emergency (e.g., a necessary piece of hardware is hitting end-of-support-life), it just doesn’t get done.

Now we believe we have the right enticement. What if you could prevent downtime before it happens? What if you could stretch internal data center resources further? That might be worth clearing the calendar to look into right away!

Well, pencil in the time, because that’s exactly what Park Place Technologies is delivering for our clients with our ParkView proactive monitoring tool. If you haven’t heard about it yet—despite us yelling from the rooftops (sorry, neighbors)—you’re in for a treat.

What is ParkView?

ParkView is the next evolution in 24/7 hardware systems monitoring for data centers. Most support providers—both the OEMS and third party alternatives—have long offered remote monitoring services, which keep a virtual eye on data center equipment and flag error reports and outages. These systems were good for what they were, but Park Place has driven marked improvement with the inclusion of machine learning.

The same technologies driving the artificial intelligence revolution are incorporated into ParkView. The concept is simple—take all those error reports and other data the 24/7 monitoring services collect and learn from them. With a little time, a smart monitoring system can identify the signs of faults at earlier and earlier stages.

ParkView then includes all the features necessary to transform early alerts into immediate action. A trouble ticket is automatically generated, and our Level III-only engineering team leaps into action. Our goal—effect repairs before the client experiences a moment of downtime.

Who is Using ParkView?

Park Place has built ParkView into our service for nearly every make of hardware we cover. This means thousands of clients worldwide are taking advantage of its capabilities. Large corporations, mid-sized non-profits, and smaller businesses. Utilities and universities, healthcare leaders and manufacturers—you name it, in every vertical and at every size, ParkView is delivering results.

Fortunately, Cincinnati Bell has given us permission to share their story. You can check it out here.

How Can I Get ParkView?

We recognize that features and case studies are nice, but firsthand experience is what really matters. Why not get a direct look at ParkView by scheduling a demo today? We’ll show you what’s possible in the system and explain the impacts it can have on your IT organization, and then we can go from there.