Did You Know? Park Place Technologies Supports Dell Compellent Storage Systems

The Dell Compellent line has had a lot to offer budget-conscious enterprises. Compellent became known for affordable, modular SAN products, which allowed organizations to more easily scale on an as-needed basis. By 2014, the SC4020 model was leading the charge in bringing automated data tiering to IT departments without the deepest pockets.

Today, many customers have become concerned that Dell will be ending support for the Compellent series, a move that could be particularly harmful to the rather cash-strapped customer segment most likely to value these storage arrays. In response, some IT managers have been attempting to fit an unexpected storage hardware investment into the current year’s spending plan, while others are shifting Compellent SANs to lower priority applications, such as archiving and backup, where they hope (fingers crossed) failure would have limited impact.

If you’re among the IT managers wondering what to do with a Compellent system, or perhaps several of them, stop for just a moment. There is no need to make deployment or budget decisions based on Dell EMC’s continued or discontinued support—because there are other, better options for comprehensive maintenance contracts.

Park Place Technologies, an expert in storage maintenance, covers a wide selection of Compellent hardware. Supported systems include the SC8000, SC4020, and SC900, as well as the SCv2000, SCv2020, and SCv2080. And if you are among the customers holding on to the early SC20, SC30, SC40, we can help there, too.  Park Place is continually adding product lines, so if your Compellent model is not listed, please give us a call.  Chances are good that we can help with your specific needs.

And don’t think that by engaging Park Place you’re just making a last-ditch effort to keep Compellent equipment in service a little longer. We offer a level of support beyond what Dell EMC can provide, at half the price they’ve been charging.

No matter the age of the equipment, Compellent hardware is eligible for the full Park Place maintenance treatment, which includes:

  • Comprehensive, Level III-only engineering service from Dell storage system experts, delivering immediate access to support with no escalation procedure or severity level assessments
  • 24/7 proactive hardware monitoring with our ParkView system, which not only replaces the OEM’s “Copilot” passive monitoring application but also adds a variety of features
  • The spare parts required for component replacements, along with high-capacity drives to upgrade Compellent arrays and deliver greater capacity, extended lifespan, and utility
  • Online shelf installations, when client licensing permits additional spindles
  • Reconfiguration and redeployment assistance to help you get the most from the Compellent, whatever its next application may be.
  • Online portal access for managing asset adds/moves/changes and service tickets

There really is nothing like Park Place’s Dell maintenance service. So stop worrying about what Dell EMC may or may not choose regarding Compellent support contracts. Instead, START saving 50% on a smarter, more responsive maintenance solution that will be here for the long run.