You CAN Keep the Dell Equallogic PS6010 after EOSL

A great maintenance contract will help!

With snow on the ground in much of the U.S., summer may seem a far way off, but it’ll be here faster than we imagine—and bring with it end-of-support-life (EOSL) for the Dell Equallogic PS6010, both the X and XV models. Officially scheduled for June 26, 2019, this EOSL will halt Dell support contracts on these valuable storage systems.

That’s a shame because, since their release in 2010, the Equallogic PS6010 iSCSI storage arrays have been known for speed, with two 10Gb Ethernet ports per controller for low latency. InfoWorld found the setup process to be almost “plug and play” within an existing Equallogic storage group, and the tester was able to push over 200MBps streaming reads from one host. Not bad for 4U, 16-drive units of that era—or today for that matter.

With the approach of EOSL, many data center and technology managers are wondering whether the hardware still has a place in their infrastructure. Admittedly, not every organization will rely on the PS6010XV for the mission-critical applications it was built to handle, but the demand for scale-out capacity with reasonable performance certainly hasn’t declined in recent years. Keeping another 153TB of storage per group in the mix is an appealing proposition, whether for application data, virtual server workloads, MS Exchange deployment, or other purposes—but not if support is a problem.

The Right Equallogic Support Solution

The good news is that there is no need to send this quality piece of equipment to the reclamation facility for wont of reliable support. Park Place Technologies recognizes that our clients are being challenged to keep hardware in service far longer in order to manage IT budgets amidst a rapid data explosion. We help expand equipment lifespans with Dell support contracts integrating:

  • Great price. Let’s face it, few IT shops are going to pay a lot to support the Dell Equallogic PS6010X or XV, but we charge far less than Dell has to date—at least 50% less.
  • Level III support. Another concern about retaining older equipment is basic frustration. If there is a problem, will it derail the IT staff for hours or days? Not with our style of storage hardware support, because the call or trouble ticket goes straight to Level III engineers with no delays at a help desk along the way. Our staff averages 15+ years of direct OEM experience, so they’re ready to handle troubleshooting, implement break/fix, and even tailor configuration to boost performance.
  • Predictive maintenance. Reliability is further enhanced with our ParkView automatic fault monitoring solution. A sophisticated machine learning system monitors a client’s supported hardware 24/7 and identifies failures at their earliest signs and gets our crew on the way to a solution before the issue cascades.

By addressing the concerns IT pros may have about post-EOSL gear, Park Place Technologies is providing data center managers greater flexibility in their equipment choices. Don’t be left out in the cold on quality third party maintenance for your Dell Equallogic PS6010 or other hardware, fill out the form below for more information and a (surprisingly affordable!) price quote.