Don’t Migrate the Data – Support the Centera

Keep your data where it is. Park Place Technologies offer maintenance contracts on all EMC Centera models.

EMC Centera disk arrays have been heralded as the perfect solution for storing data essential for compliance purposes. More than 17 years after the first product was released, many data center managers need to keep Centera storage systems in service, but lack of reliable support options has been a challenge.

Until now! Park Place Technologies recently introduced maintenance contracts on all EMC Centera models, so data on these arrays can stay right where it is.

Object Storage—An Enduring Concept

As a unique answer to data storage, the EMC Centera has endured in the data center. Some industry leaders even predict a return to object storage as an answer to rapidly increasing data volumes.

To be sure, write once read many (WORM) disk technologies are finely adapted to compliance and can offer superior performance over optical and tape libraries. Within this space, the Centera got many things right. The content-addressable storage (CAS) system not only requires minimal management, searches are quick and document/file authenticity is guaranteed. On-site security and “non-erasability” filled out an impressive features list for archival uses.

It’s easy to see how these advantages helped enterprises meet regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Various industries turned to the product in droves. These include financial services institutions, healthcare providers, libraries, and government agencies. Within five years of the Centera’s introduction EMC claimed nearly 150 petabytes of data was installed, and the volumes kept growing as higher capacity Centera systems were released.

The Problem of Data Migration

Since end of support life arrived for every Centera, data center managers have been in a tough spot. The Centeras in the wild are incredibly stable, and it’s hard to justify migrating terabytes of sensitive but rarely accessed data off these workhorses to expensive new storage hardware. The well known complications of transferring Centera data to other platforms only make the task less appealing.

As a result, EMC Centera systems continue to hum away in many data centers, and most of their managers would prefer to keep it that way. The only problem is support. Without the OEM standing behind these systems anymore, IT pros have been left to wonder:

  • Can this system be trusted with the data it currently stores?
  • How can I maintain expertise to troubleshoot a system manufactured a decade or more ago?
  • How long will spare parts be available to repair component failures?

An Answer to the Centera Conundrum

A Centera maintenance contract from Park Place Technologies can provide a refreshingly positive answer to all of the above questions. Yes, the system can be trusted, as long as it is well maintained. We retain the high-level engineering expertise and deep EMC storage support experience to provide timely, effective maintenance and break/fix service. And we have plenty of high-quality spare parts located in over 100 supply depots worldwide, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

With our storage support solution, we’re helping enterprises put off the capital costs of purchasing a replacement to the Centera, delay the complicated migration, and avoid the risks associated with touching data retained for compliance reasons.

So go ahead and keep that Centera for as long as you need to. We’ve got your back.