EMC VNX End of Life: Part 2

EMC VNX Ending? Maybe. EMC VNX End of Life? Definitely.

There’s a lot going on at EMC, VNX end of life being just one recent upheaval.

Yes, the first generation VNX systems, which were released in 2011 are becoming truly end of life this year. Not only will customers find themselves beyond the original three years of primary support, for many, the one- or two-year extended support option they chose will be concluding as well. Any maintenance options EMC offers from here, they do so solely at their discretion and always at an extremely high price.

The VNX2s are also approaching a similar decision gate. As primary support runs out in the coming months for early adopters, it is an open question whether they will continue with EMC just as its becoming Dell or will move on to greener pastures.

At the same time, the future of the EMC VNX line itself is in question. Recent announcements about the company’s future products discuss a very VNX-ish array coming in the second quarter, but its branding remains unknown. According to The Register “…we will certainly see a new, mid-tier all-flash array line and it may be called VNX but it might not.”

So what’s a VNX lover to do when even EMC may be giving this beloved storage system the boot? How about finding a third party maintenance partner who shares your commitment to its longevity.

Park Place is the Answer

Park Place Technologies has made a name for itself in the third party maintenance market by providing premium quality service for clients’ most important equipment. That we do so at a better price than EMC and without the end-of-life hassles of EMC are all the more icing on the IT support cake.

We have excelled in EMC support for more than 10 years and have amassed a level of engineering expertise on VNX, VMAX, and Symmetrix systems rivaling EMC’s own. And unlike EMC, we put these capabilities right at our clients’ fingertips. How? By ensuring a Level 3 engineer answers every telephone request and online service ticket. And by assigning a local Level 3 engineer to take the lead on every account.

The faster response times we achieve under this model help minimize downtime and reduce staff time wastage and frustration with escalation procedures and severity level assessments. And this is only one aspect of our advantages. Consider that we also:

  • Slash support contract costs 40% to 70% compared with EMC.
  • Empower clients to set their own upgrade schedules, delaying capital expenditure and retaining the 50% of budget usually wasted on premature equipment purchases.
  • Enhance the environment with extra engineering time clients are free to allocate to any number of non-break/fix needs (for free!).
  • Declare an end to “end of life” with never ending support availability—or in other words, maintain the gear our clients rely on for as long as they need it.

So if you are concerned about the future of your so-called end-of-life VNX equipment, don’t be. Park Place has you covered.

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