How Best-in-Class EMC VNX Maintenance Improves the Holidays

The winter holiday season may not immediately cue you to consider your EMC VNX maintenance solution. But like any prime vacation opportunity, it should.

When you’re hoping to take some time off with family and friends, the systems back in your data center must be stable. And if a problem arises, your EMC VNX support provider needs to be responsive and fully capable of reaching a resolution, no matter how complicated the issue. Fall short in either area and you’ll be spending the bulk of your “time off” talking to staff and support engineers about getting your systems back online.

Murphy’s Law. Park Place’s Response.

Murphy must have written a law to cover it: vacation time seems to breed meltdowns. No sooner do you get on a plane or sit down before a massive turkey dinner than a drive on a mission critical storage system like the EMC VNX goes bad, error reports pop up, or performance takes a nosedive.

With a lackluster EMC support provider—be it EMC’s rigidly defined support service or an underperforming third party maintenance company—these problems become your problems. With Park Place they are ours.

We are among the world’s fastest growing alternative providers of EMC VNX maintenance contracts because we ensure that help is only a single, brief phone call away.

Unlike the vast majority of our competition, we don’t impose an escalation procedure. The first contact at Park Place is always a Level 3 engineer, who can get started troubleshooting at the highest level. And if on-site assistance is required, a local EMC-trained engineer already assigned to the account and familiar with your environment arrives quickly to implement a solution. And of course, we only use certified spare parts, which are located on site for mission critical systems or in Park Place depots nearby.

Because we don’t skimp on our investment in the best EMC engineering talent, and make these resources more readily available to clients, you’ll achieve resolution and be back at the holiday table fast.

Proactive Measures to Undermine Murphy

Personalized, timely, and effective response to problems is only part of the Park Place solution. Proactive measures are another way we help protect against problems year round. These include:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring with daily diagnostics. We are in constant contact with your systems and immediately aware of any errors. Taking action in the early stages helps avoid cascading issues that could otherwise become unnecessarily large problems.
  • A free, up-front systems analysis. We’ll evaluate your EMC VNX in its environment and identify vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve performance and reliability.
  • Quarterly check-ins to review trouble calls. If there’s a pattern to the issues you’re facing, we’ll help get to the bottom of it.
  • Extra engineering time when you need it. Park Place isn’t just there for break/fix. We can answer questions, assist with configuration, provide OS support, help with a move, and more. And every contract includes time—from four hours to four days—you can devote to tasks that will improve your environment and meet your strategic goals.

With a strategic EMC VNX support partner like Park Place, you gain peace of mind and the financial benefits of longer hardware life, increased uptime, fewer unnecessary upgrades, and lower maintenance contract costs. You can find out more about how these factors impact your bottom line and your environment with this free guide.

Once you review it, consider giving a gift to yourself and your staff. Engage Park Place to maintain your EMC VNX and other systems, servers, and networking equipment…and make it easier to take some much deserved time away from the data center.

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