Keep Data from EMC Centera Systems in Place with Affordable Post-EOSL Storage Support

A Centera Maintenance solution with Park Place Technologies will give you well-needed peace of mind with data migration challenges.

The EMC Centera is both a great storage system operating reliably in numerous enterprises over a decade after its release and a back-of-the-mind worry for many data center managers. That’s because data migration from a Centera disk array to other hardware is notoriously difficult, frequently making an extended lifespan for the Centera a preferred option.

Like all older gear, however, the Centera can experience component failures and other problems, and Dell EMC support availability has already expired due to EOSL. Data center managers tasked with retaining key information on Centera equipment are in need of qualified, responsive maintenance assistance to ensure the hardware continues to fulfill its mission. Fortunately, it’s here!

Park Place Technologies recently announced a comprehensive Centera support solution. We stand ready to take on the maintenance challenges of any Centera equipment.

Why Tech Pros Don’t Move On

Why is Centera hardware among the longest tenured in data centers around the world? Simply put, data migration. The Centera platform stores data in unique ways, so drag-and-drop isn’t an option. Dell EMC does offer migration tools, but the bevy of Centera migration specialists that cropped up after end of life are indication enough that the process remains challenging.

What’s more, tons of applications link to the Centera’s proprietary API. A tech refresh must either support the API or an application migration must accompany the data migration. Ugh.

Making things even worse, Centera is often used for compliance-related storage, so there may be chain of custody issues. Sadly, most Centera customers were specifically looking to preserve data in an unalterable format, generally to please regulators, so finding an appropriate upgrade pathway isn’t always straightforward. In many cases, cloud options are out, because the subscription-based offerings substantially increase long-term storage costs.

All told, retiring a Centera is a hassle many technology departments would rather avoid. This has helped to make EMC Centera systems like the redwoods of the data center, outlasting many generations of administrators tasked with keeping them up.

The Right Centera Support Solution

The good news is that the Centera can continue to operate at the level of reliability enterprises demand, if properly supported. The better news is that you don’t need to find a Centera expert to keep on staff—Park Place can take on that role.

When Park Place Technologies took up the mantle of EMC Centera support, we made sure to include all the features that make Park Place maintenance the choice of data center managers worldwide. Our support solutions incorporate:

  • Flexible, affordable contracts with SLAs appropriate to the Centera’s application in the data center.
  • Level III-only engineering response delivered by engineers who know the Centera inside and out
  • High-quality spare parts available for quick delivery from 160 supply depots around the globe

The results of our service speak for themselves: faster engineering response, the best first-time fix rates in the business, and a record of maximizing uptime for our clients. This makes us a provider-of-choice for long-term Centera support.

So whether you’ve been going it alone or are working with an overpriced or underperforming support partner for the Centera, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

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